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Hi, The only way I know of to get supply voltage independent circuits is to place a pre-regulator or an LDO set-up to power the bandgap section. You can get the LDO to have the EA ref from the bandgap itself. There's loads of information on the Internet about supply independent circuits, or in op amp design material.
hi, The 7660 is there to provide the -5v. Have you seen this option,? E
Such issues hard to figure out even with real time debugging. It can be everything. Stack overflow or h/w voltage spikes.
I am trying to use 24 bit ADC LTC2410. I am applying the below voltages to LTC2410. Vcc: 3.3V ref+: +3.3V, ref-: Ground IN- is connected to Ground Should the maximum voltage on IN+ is 1.65? Why is it so? 2^24 = 16777216 bits. 3.3V = 16777216 bits 1 bit = 0.19nV. Is it right?
@crutschow Your simulation is different due to the start time. change > simulation> edit simulation cmd> time to start saving data...> 0 The circuit power up has a 1ms power up rise time constant due to current and caps being charged up from initial supply power up from 0V. This controls the ref voltage out and thus the current envelope o
You should not apply voltage to the ref input without also applying voltage to the cathode (through a resistor, of course). In normal operation the ref voltage is supplied from the cathode voltage (through a resistive divider if you want more than 2.5V out).
Hi, The thermal noise due to a MOSFET can be expressed by either a current source In (connected between the drain and source terminals), or by a voltage source Vn (at the gate): In? = 4kTγgm & Vn? = 4kTγ/gm So, to reduce noise, should gm (
Hello This SMPS module appears to have a settable output voltage via its ?ref? pin which enables the user to set a voltage at the error amplifier reference input. However, when "Adaptive loop? mode is set, the datasheet says not to use the ?ref? pin. Why is this? Why can we not use the (...)
hi, Looking over your circuit images, it says that the valve/tube circuit is simplified for clarity. I would assume that the ground return for the heaters is not directly connected to the common ground rail, but to ground via the 0.3R resistor. The monitoring circuit measures the voltage across the 0.3R ref attached image. E
Hello I have flyback for you that does this, just adjust the ref voltage into the external error amplifier as in the schematic. It is in the free download ltspice simulator here also provided. (you can run it by converting it to .asc) I made it DCM. Duty cycle of 0.6 at 85v on the dc bus, so as to reduce the reverse diode volts Excel desig
For smd capacitors, 1E is the voltage code of 25V. ref : Perhaps it is a 22uF 25V capacitor.
I want to add over voltage protection to a 5.2V, 2.5A SMPS. I'm looking for minimum parts count and cost, the circuit could be a one time only type circuit. This device would be ideal if it had a slightly higher current rating: There is a higher current v
The reference IC isn't designed to sink current. Depending on the AD8226 common mode input voltage, you may want to add a load resistance to the reference output.
so my quiestion is: is it possible to design bandgap voltage reference without BJT? only using MOS transistors. if so, could you please give me a link to the solution
A state machine with flip flops is simple to control these 3 states. plus Vbat present. Use a current sense R such as 75~ 100mV at max current. Use a band gap ref for controlling current , voltage and shutdown float, which is included in LM317, but using a linear regulator is very inefficient with heat sink required. Measure average current with
On a sunny day you adjust the output of your converter, so that it pushes maximum current into the battery. You'll probably find the most efficient charging voltage to be anywhere between 1.5x and 2x the battery voltage. The MPPT is useful because it does this automatically, on sunny or cloudy days. MPPT is not the easiest circuit to construct. D
LT1083/4/5 all use Vref =1.250V , so Vo.min=Vref. If you want to regulate to 0V, you would need a V->=-1.25 to drive Vadj. Low current but stable voltage. No problem?
The load cell's required input power is not met by the ADS1232 ref Board's excitation power limits. The load cell wants 9V minimum where as the excitation voltage from ADS... is not more than 5.3V You need to give minimum of 9V for load cell to function properly.
i need help to get output from dc245a-a (ltc1668) board.i interface it with DE1 SOC board. I did following steps but in vain 1)input digital voltages at dac pins yes 2)ref voltage and current correct yes 3)input supply voltages right yes 4)jumpers are ok yes 5)any sign board doesnot respond by removing digital (...)
hi, I have written following program to convert ten analog inputs to digital signals, and put appropriate output regarding to comparison with ref signal (not determined yet). we use pin Vref- and Vref+ (AN2 & AN3) as voltage reference and AN12 pin as external interrupt. when I use two dimensional signal (...)