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How to control the Magnetizing current..?? I have an toroidal transformer with ratio of 1:10 for 40 amp secondary at 15v. The transformer primary Resistance is in miliohms. I am trying to switching the transformer with triacs but the triac of 15 amp rating does not handling the Magnetising current at start up. Can anyone having solution
Dear Scholars I am designing a Static voltage Optimiser. The system is in series with the Home supply. If i parallel the Both voltage optimiser, it is having problem in incoming Supply voltage from LT Panel (voltage sags). i want to avoid such sags due to my 2nd static (...)
Hello Some grid codes say that the distributed generation system should stay connected to the main utility during events of low voltage during a short period in accordance with each standard, this is called LVRT. At the same time the inverter should provide reactive power to the main grid during this event. My questions: 1 - Why should
Something like that was trialled to automatically operate street lighting many years ago. A detector circuit in the lamp controller looked for a brief DC offset in the mains caused by one or more missing half cycles. It think it was abandoned quickly for several reasons, primarily that it upset filter circuits and the combined effect of many (re)c
Hi, Can anybody help me with my problem? I need to check if an equipmment in our lab does operates when voltage sag occurs in our mini power system. Therefore, I need to have a voltage sag generator, I've been able to do now a circuit that has input 230Vac to 12Vdc in now need to use this to have a 12Vac with a 2 cycle (...)
Did you evaluate to use an energy harvesting IC ? For instance: I was concidering an LTC3225 better, because the button cell has low current capability, but it can provide this current in longer times. If this current can be used to slowly charge two small supe
I prefer the guru Keith Billings who has 50 yrs SMPS design experience and many books. The choke must not saturate during Ton and must have enough energy stored during Ton so the voltage does not sag during Toff. Th
Hi I hav created a voltage sag signal in matlab simulink and imported the voltage signal to workspace.Using wavemenu toolbox in matlab ,analysed the signal with db4 wavelet and observed the detail and approximation coeiffient waveforms.How can we determine the start and end point of a sag and its magnitude?? I attached (...)
95749Hello, In a superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) project, I need some help that how to develop a system using LTSPICE if a voltage sag occur the spice circuit balance this voltage drop by discharging energy stored in the SMES coil. The SMES performance is determined by its controller The demanded ac
Hi How to find out the amplitude and duration of a sine wave of different amplitudes? Consider a voltage sag ie, a 50hz signal of amplitude less than the normal one.I have to find out the amplitude and duration at wich this disturbance occurs. I have read some articles which gives some information that we can extract time and frequency inform
"Sunny enough" is not enough to start your calculations. Amperes, you need roughly the 12A (derated for end-of- life voltage sag @ load). It's ampere-hours that cost you in Battery Land. Your raw Ah is 12*18 or 216Ah but this also wants derated for capacity aging and for capacity to ride out some number of days at minimum isolation. This is loca
I'm not understanding the control part design please any one can explain me how it works
Hi friends , while studying power quality i came across this,sensitive equipment PLC , ASD(Adjustable Speed Drives) which are widely used in industrial automation are more prone to voltage sags and may often "trip" during a voltage sag ,could anyone please tell me what makes them sensitive ,which device of equipment or (...)
dear friends i am new to matlab and i am doing my ME Project for which i have to write a matlab code for the following signal x(t)=A(1+B(u(t-t1)-u(t-t2))) Sin(wt) where t1=0 u(t)=0 for t<0 B=1 A=0.5 plz help me friends
hi.. anyone can help me how to find datasheet for 6.5kv. there are many of them but i cannot find those datasheet with the value of dv/dt values.. :cry: i want this value for design my snubber cct in my mitigation device for voltage sag. plzzz any one help...
Anyone has good web links or ebooks or any articles for zig zag transformer? Help me to design it....Start with basic..Thanks... Besides, anyone got about voltage sag too? Thanks
The most descriptive analogy to ground bounce is the dimming of lights when you switch on a motor - whenever you have GND bounce you'll also have an equivalent voltage sag. This change of reference induces noise in other signals. SiGiNT
POR (Power On Reset): as its name suggests, this feature lets the chip goes in reset state when it is powered. BOD (Brown-Out Detect): detect the condition of low voltage on the supply (power sag) for a long enough period, and reset the chip if the condition is met. Their uses can be set up by using proper config. bits. There is nothing in as