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Hi, is there a way to enter properties of a real filter to vss's filter model. Currently i choose one model(chebyshew,butterworth, eliptic etc..) and trying to match it's properties with the real one's. It takes a long time. I want to enter insertion loss at different frequencies.
Asking google for "awr vss fmcw" suggests this has been done before. And i don't know what to place after TX antenna . Do i have to connect TX antenna and RX antenna directly or do we need another thing to represent air or something ? Shouldn't you have something representing radar echos with respective time-of-flight? A transmis
The RO may have two problems. One is weak output drive. The other is that loading its output kicks that current into the supply / ground rails where it can destabilize, mode- shift or quench the oscillation. I recommend using a resistor divider network to get a scaled, 50-ohm output (like, 4950 series and 100 ohms to VDD and vss in shunt). Sure,
Reference Previous Thread: Hi everyone.I have an .m file but I don't know how to use the matlab block in awr-vss.Can't I load simply the .m file? I've seen some methods using the textscan() fction but I have a very large file and I realy don't understand very well how to display my file using tex
I am a new at awr vss side and I need QPSK/BPSK/8PSK 32 Mbps signal with 1/2 fec value in 2.4 GHz... Anybody know how to do this in awr Microwave office please help me to do this Thanks
hi all I'm going to simulate PLL synthesizer using microwave you know the process should be done in vss system that box we can fond some toolbox related to PLL.there are some famous block of PLL there including VCO,PFDand ... to use VCO and to hilight the phase noise of VCO we have to include some noise source there and def
Hi all: I have an issue trying to simulate a file based Mixer in vss awr simulation Software. I have modeled the mixer using the file based model. I use the spur table provided by the manufacturer to give this information to vss. Ok, so the point is although it is working it doesn't work as it should: We know that the output (...)
I am modeling a pll in awr vss, how to calculate the pll bandwidth and pll gain. the input is a vco block - input freq is 2 GHz and KV - 5e6 One more thing, how to implement a DSBSC ring mod in vss as there is no transformer equivalent block in vss.
I need awr vss Examples for DPCM, DPSK, BPSK, Switching Modulator, Ring Modulator cheers.
Hello Cem, Did you use LIN_S block for S2P file in awr vss? If not use this block it works... If so then upload ur vss file *.emp & corresponding touchstone *.S2P file ---manju---
Hello, I am simulating a design - this is for matlab vss co-simulation. I have used two saw tooth blocks and connected them to matlab block in vss. When I run this, I get the message. Executing STARTCMD: Attempt to reference field of non-structure array. The schematic is as shown. 62436 The matlab graph wi
hello, i have designed a pulsed radar signal generator in vss and i can see the signal in spectrum but i want to see the signal in time domain and when i used the default parameters of the vss's graph the signal can be seen in the time domain but when the time axis was changed to the larger time values the signal lost in the
Hello, Yes you can model mixer using awr vss, if you have the spur table... Use the MIXER_F block in the system diagram then enter the spur data in a note pad & save it as a text file in the format as mentioned in the MIXER_F block help menu(vss System Block Catalog => RF Blocks => File-based Behavioral Mixer: MIXER_F )...Then simply simul
Hello, I need tutorial examples for sampling theorem, modulation schemes implemented in awr vss. thanks.
Hello kamath, awr Visual System Simulator (vss) has built in Example to demonstrate this & also comparision wih theoritial reference measurement for BER.... See the attached picture & the following link for more information... awr | Visual System Simulator | Wireless Communicati
Hello, If you have access to awr Visual System Simulator (vss) then you have lot of examples on QAM system BER measurements... If you don't have download the free 30 days version & you can create QAM Transmitter, Receiver & including channel for BER measurement in few
Hello sirod, ANSWERS 1) Is this is with reference to awr vss Example or your own Class AB AMP TestBench results you are referring?? If it is your AMP design then upload vss project file? 2) Yes, Two Tone test can be using System Diagrams in vss, Just you need to add TONE block (RF Block (...)
hello, There are good number of examples available at awr MWO/vss installation Examples folder such as MATLAB_M_File.emp, ReedSolomon_vss_MATLAB_Compare.emp, etc with Design Notes...Also a detailed Application Notes available at... ---manju---
Hi Tabriz, I have used it, but now i use vss from awr. Its far better than sysvue and Simulink.
Hello I have modeled a 4FSK modulator whit modulation index (h=2) in vss in order to analyze its BER. But I am totally confused by Energy per symbol (Es) interpretation. I have set the OUTLVL=0 and OLVLTYP to Energy Symbol (dB). The DRATE is 500 and the SMPSYM is set to 16. So it means that there are 16 samples for every FSK symbol. The measured