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Hey, Do can we plot the vswr chart for various frequencies in ads , say for analysing the results for a Microstrip antenna. and what are considered the good values of vswr
Hi, I want to calculate the Gain,vswr of a micro strip antenna which is designed. I wanted to see the Gain,vswr change with frequency, I'm using Layout Window to create the antenna. I would really appreciate if someone can guide me.
Hello Pulkit, Did you expect good vswr over the full 1 to 5 GHz frequency range? The answer will be definitely NO. Do some study on the behavior of thin wire dipoles or monopoles and you will see that you need a compete other approach to make something that has good vswr/return loss over 1 to 5 GHz. Regarding the center frequency (your
there is a ku_band directional couplers , the vswr is below -20,and the il<1.5dB,isolation>-24,but coupling is between -17dB~-11dB.I simulation in ads ,the coupling is -15dB~-16dB, could you tell me hou can i solution it??
Thank you vswr but i have it from nec site and i think it's not completed. In attached file the converted spice to ads, you can remark that there are no ports and even i made the ports the model did not work, could you please verify that?
Hello, It has been quite long time since I used ads for the last time! I believe you can do it very easily on ads... First, I'd like to say that as u may know, vswr is a measurement of loading effect on signal at transmission lines, or in other words, how big portion of the signal would propagate through the load. If that is what u are (...)
Hi, I want to reformulate my previous post by simple question: how to find the Q factor for a resonant antenna or a resonant Transmission Line using S parameters from ads or HFSS simulation. I know that Q is equal to fcenter/bandwith. How to calculate the bandwith, can i find this bandwidth from -10dB or vswr(S11),vswr(S21). I find (...)
Hi, How can I plot E-theta and E-phi 2D polar far-field radiation patterns in ads? I want to compare both? How can I do this in ads? What's the impact of Axial ratio, which is best low or high? How can I plot vswr vs. Frequency in ads? How can I know in ads, whether impedance is matched or not? (...)
Anyone who know how to add a vswr=2 circle in the smith chart in ads data display file?
Normaly I used vswr(S(1,1)) for vswr value reading. Can I read vswr value when I put a mark on the S11 trace without set any equation in ads ? Thanks a lot.
Given a complex reflection coefficient, this measurement returns the voltage standing wave ratio. you can define a syntax as example: Examples a = vswr(S11) jackson.
Hi, Constant vswr circles are actually constant gain circles. Device itself has gain that coresponds to Gmax at a given frequency. By chosing the gain smaller that Gmax (selecting a constant gain circle instead of a dot that corespond to Gmax) you are mismatching the device. The mismach is constant on a constant gain circle, so is the vswr. You