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I am also interested please. also I need a good site to download free or DEMO EDA tools thanks wafer101
hello Guys I am liiking for a magnetotherapy unit circuit diagram, n1 can help? searched with google but didn't find. It is a unit that uses variable magnetic pulse (and variable gauss intensity) to help /cure various sympthoms . Thanx wafer101
wondering if something like this exist: Small upstram sat dish antenna for internet, that is a satellite internet provider/system that doesn't use phone/analog at all better to say a one to one up/down stream communication, because if not I will design this shit myself, I want to make some big money. Plz axperts only. wafer101 :wink:
Anyone knows the architecture of these PDA hand help PC specially the pocket version. Any schematic, block diagram etc. appreciated. is it possible to buld one from scratch? with asic and or FPGA? anything related is welcomed too. thanx for your smart help. wafer101. :) :?
Freely avilable from: Bye wafer101.
Freely available from: Bye !!! wafer101
Hello guys, I would like to build a directional antenna and system to find the something, like the one used in wild life to trak down endengered species. Any suggestion/help link and why not circuit/schematica is highly appreciated. Thankx :D wafer101.