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Hi, I have a 8x1 LCD, 18F2520 microcontroller, Crystal 12 MHz, buttons and pressure sensor. Normally it is working good. But When I bring the walkie talkie, the display values keeps changing. Is it because of the frequency from the walkie talkie affects the microcontroller? Is it EMI/EMF interference? How to solve (...)
Hi all, My controller is Malfunctioning when i bring the 350Mhz walkie talkie Equipment type: Motorola GP328 Plus 350mhz , Model No: AZH38PDC9AA3. What are the Ways to arrest the Radiated Emission. Please recommend. Is there any filter or component or shielding Materials to arrest this frequency. Please let us know. Regards, V. P
Hi, I recently got to know about LoRa technology and its capabilites. Since then i was wondering is it possible to make a long range walkie talkie using LoRa? If anybody can guide me to build one it will be much appreciated. With regards Hasgle
The helix antenna working in axial mode (which is the antenna of your walkie-talkie) it will work much worse if you bend it from the middle. If you change its position (without bending) you might get an improvement for some positions. If you have a noisy DCDC converter near the antenna, the only thing that you can do is to suppress the noise from t
Hello, Need enclosure/housing for vehicle (dashboard) mounted walkie talkie (see attached photo for reference) Enclosure should have provision for volume knob and power button as well as for wires Display and keys not required. The housing must be suitable or should look like to be used as a walkie talkie enclosure.
I would like to buy antenna for my walkie talkie my transmit frequency is 145MHz and Receive is 155MHz. How about using a stiff wire, lambda/4 simple antenna? The length can be reduced somewhat if you use a spring or coil format. A single insulated wire hanging from the transmitter is also ok, I guess. If you want
I can hear the ISS on a walkie talkie when it passes overhead, that's about 405Km distance. Line of sight makes it easy so beware of claims of long range. You might cover 3-5Km line of sight but not be heard in the next room. Brian.
We used the popular inexpensive radio walkie-talkies, when we needed a means for a sick room to summon an attendant who could be in various other rooms of the building (130 feet long). They worked well. We also tried building-to-building (1,000 feet distance). I constructed a regulated power supply for the units (to avoid using up two or three A
Do you know if there is any kit or board modules in the hobby market to put together a pocket transceiver around 100 KHz ? Voice modulation, range does not need to be greater than 100 m. Sort of a walkie talkie. Its antenna needs is not of concern.
Hi. Recently I was working on a small project which involves a PIR sensor and a walkie talkie (two way radio). Basically what the circuit is supposed to do when the PIR senses a motion, it triggers a relay which closes the contacts of the "call " button of the walkie talkie, thus sending a call to another radio. It is a (...)
Hi friends, We meet one case about avarage usable sensitivity issue.Our unit(walkie talkie PMR446MHz) conduct measure sensitivity is -121dBm@12dB,and outdoor field test range is 3.2Km in all directions(8 directions,45 degree/direction),but when we sent to lab for test,the result(radiation measurement) fail.we have ever suspected our unit cause th
If you can connect to another phone directly, without going through the tower, then the whole economy will collapse! Here is the solution
Hello everyone. I'm on holidays and wanting to get into analog communication, to see if that is the area I want to specialize in the next few years. My objective for the next few days is to understand and make a communication between two devices (transmitter and receiver), and I need to know if there is any book that is the best for this purpose
I would suggest a crystal microphone feeding a transistor amplifier with the choice of CE, CB, CC input stages. the sound quality should be memorable! The main claim to fame of a CB amp is its frequency response and linearity. Perhaps the experiment could be repeated with a ultra low impedance micro phone ( ribbon? ). Or using an audio type transi
Hi all What kind of modulation is main stream with walkie talkies ? Is it AM, FM or SSB ? Elico
Hi all How the output power of a simple walkie talkie is measured ? I have to make sure that it does not transmits more then 1/w watt . It is a 3 transistors circuit 49mhz, 9 volts operated walkie talkie Thanks Elico
What is your data rate? What is your regulatory posture? Radios like FRS or old CB can easily run over 1km, a simple audio modulation (like pipe an antique 1200/2400 phone handset modem into the walkie-talkie, and back the other way on the other end) could get you done. But these bands are not for digital comms and over the long haul you might ge
Hi, I am using dimmer module, which controls 4 x 5A output. Working with the processor of Atmega16A. Communication between interface(switches) and the dimmer module is 250,000bps baudrate RS485 protocol. When i bring the walkie-talkie nearby the dimmer module the module's display goes OFF and re-starts again. What is the reason behind that
Hi I am a student doing a toy design project. I have to find a way to build a radio circuit for my toy, a walkie-talkie helmet. I basically have no electronics experience whatsoever, so I hope that I can get some help with this. (I can solder, I have worked with resistors, transmitters, etc., but I have no clue how to make something fro
Hi Guys, I bought myself a pair of walkie talkies, and they come with earbuts with a microphone and button on the cable for comunicating silently. Now I wanted to use thes walkie talkies to cummunicate in freefall when I'm skydiving with my friends. So my first thought was to use VOX (voice operated switch) to (...)