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I frequently see a person walking across a road then they disappear into a cloud of vapour. Cars on the road cannot see them and they are in danger of being hit. I also frequently see a car disappear into a cloud of black diesel smoke. Cars on the road also cannot see them and they are in danger of being hit.
Hello, What could be a simple method to detect flux imbalance (DC build-up)? I need to measure it for a low-frequency transfomer connected to a Mosfet full-bridge (driven by an unipolar SPWM signal). It's a high power sine wave inverter and I've noticed a strange behaviour (even with light resistive load). The transformer is making an uniform
Hi I want to measure the pressure. I should put the it in the shoe and the measure the pressure. I want to find out that the person is walking or not. do you which sensor is the best? do have another solution? I apologize for my bad English. thanks.
You need to sense when somebody is coming toward the stairs to turn on the LEDs so they can see where to step. The person coming towards the stairs is walking on a level floor and the sensor can be at a good height. If you detect the person trying to find the stairs in the dark then the LEDs will light as the person falls down.
Fill memory with some suitable pattern and read it back. It is more complicated if you also want to find data bus errors. The brute force approach to this is to use a "walking" pattern. You basically change one bit at time and verify the complete memory after each write. That is probably overkill in most cases.
What kind of robot ? Is it a walking robot or just a robot with 4 wheels ? If 4 wheels type robot then I can help you.
How to implement control circuitry for preventing flux-walking in a full bridge topology? The total series resistance of MOSFET and transformer primary is around 4mohm, so no question of self adjustment due to IR drop. If higher peak-current is made alternate (ie. if peak-current has grater magnitude in Nth pulse then in (N+1)th pulse magnitude
Hello! I think you're walking on a wrong path. You're going to do a PhD, which means that you are already (or at least you should be) a specialist in this field. Who better than you should know the hot topics? And you are asking that to people you don't know, who are not specialists (including me)... This sounds like a very uncommon way of startin
hello everybody i just start working in sound recognition system, it may be used for a robot. one of the sounds that should be recognized by the system is the walking sound. so that i search a study that full and simply caracterize the walking sound (frequency spectrum, amplitude,). can any one help me thank's
hi i need your help in coding of my robot for walking. i have no clue on how to start the coding i am using arduino UNO and 8 digital servos 2 for the hands and 6 for the legs. i have attached the photo of my robot also . pls help me with the algorithm . do we need to use serial communication also in coding the servos ??? what will be the basic l
This walking robot is a hexapod in very simple version of such construction. There are only three servos in it. Legs and platforms of the robot were drawn in Corel Draw. Mechanical elements due to their simplicity
You might mount a photo-sensor in a position where someone walking by will change the light level. Amplify the output and send it to trigger a timer circuit, which will switch on a light for 5 minutes (or whatever you wish). As for the light, a single bright white LED could be sufficient. However if you want to turn on 120VAC to a lamp, then a re
I told my family doctor that when I walk across the street then I have a little pain in my upper chest. My doc said it is not my heart up there. Two months later after walking quickly up and down the stairs at home I had a serious and painful heart attack. If I was out walking my dogs then I would have died. My wife quickly drove me to the local
The sudden current discharge to earth may itself be sufficient to cause disturbance in your device. With no ground to earth, the charge remains everywhere constant on your device. No discharge current surges. In the sense that I carry my laptop computer to another room. Just by walking, my body acquires 10,000 V of static charge. My laptop is at 1
a walking 0 test would send patterns of 1110, 1101, 1011, 0111. In this context, I would have to assume the channel always returns to 0000 between data words. This test would then have all but one line change. If the crosstalk sums in the unchanged line, then this would be a reasonable attempt at a worst case crosstalk test. It is less relevant
hi all.... i am doing a project on built in self repair for rams.Can u please suggest me which algorithm i have to use for it and why that only? if it is walking 1/0 test how it is different from others and why we choose it? please give response as soon as possible.. thanqqqqq
Function or signal generators? They are 2 different things. Signal gen: use the 10 MHz frequence reference on the back panel to drive the other signal generator as a slave. Observe both sine wave outputs on a 2 channel oscilloscope to make sure one signal is not "walking" in phase with respect to the other.
dear all, i am working on data got from an accelerometer data.The subjects that wore the accelerometer were involved in a simulated fall, so basically the activity of the wearer was walk, then fall. My task is to use matlab code to detect activities of walking and falling in the data. Does anyone have clue to extracting features, i mean algorithms
What is the controller chipset of your LCD? The following is a short LCD assembly program which demonstrates the use of CGRAM for storing custom characters: title "Animate - Draw the 'walking Man' on an LCD" ; ; This Code Uses the two wire LCD interface to draw a ; walking man using User Defined Characters. ; ; ; Hardware
Well, I can't help you with the tool choice but at ATE test the done thing is to "walk back" the hold strobe from a leisurely, guaranteed-OK position until you see the accuracy degrade against a challenging full-scale input step. walking the clock would be done by parametric analysis, not within a single run. For the sample time, you sample one fu