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Hi, For Transformer size , you can check this link : This is a calculator for various Switching Topologies that calculates trans specification and suggest some cores with appropriate windings (with core code) (by Dr. Heinz Schmidt-walter , Holger Wenzel, Thomas Zänker, Richard Morgan a
You can find all the important calculations for a flyback here:
Handy flyback transformer calculator:
Should help a lot for people new to designing SMPSU's Programs calculate the relevant currents and voltages for various switch mode power supplies and display these graphically. Furthermore the programs give suggestions for appropriate choking coils and high frequency transformers.
Yadnesh , You forgot to specify circuit topology. Take a look here : +++
A flyback transformer needs to be designed along different lines from the usual transformer that converts sinewaves. This is a link to a website with a calculator for flyback transformers:
Go through these: By the way, is fsw really 500kHz, or is that a typo?
For flyback converter, you can do without the output inductor. However, adding one for filtering won't hurt. You can refer to these sites for help: schmidt-wal
Your question is too generic. Check if this helps : Design of switch power supplies +++
You can refer to any one of these books: 1. VLSI Fabrication Principles by S.K Ghandhi 2. Microelectronic processing by walter Scot Ruska 3. VLSI Technology by S.M. Sze I prefer Ghandhi but for beginer Ruska is good.
See below web site , that maybe helpful Halbbrückengegentaktwandler Regards Goldsmith
Take a look here : Design of switch power supplies +++
hi Souza The amount of calculus required is not so little. However check if link bellow can inspire you. I noticed some intersing links there. But if you need only final values may use this very intersting calculator : Vollbrückeng
Use this site Invertierender Wandler
Did any of you have success in practice with maxim app note 4208, i did not get the the fpga code from Mr. walter Chen , if someone have some information about it, please let help us. i am asking so many tims this fpga code but they not shared this code
It means "walter Likes Pineapples". Or was it West London Paper. :D
Hi, Take a look at this: For interfacing, you need to use a MOSFET driver. Take a look at TC4427 or IR4427: Hope t
Here are a couple of sites that may help: Keith.