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Good day, Everyone I am beginner in the design of circuits. However, I have been to able to design my schematic but in the process of converting from schematic to layout in ADS keysight, i have been getting this warning message: "Ground net cannot be split: All pieces of the net have ground symbols. Delete ground symbols instead." How can
Can you post the warning message which you are getting
Can you please tell me where to make necessary changes, so that the warning is removed? The answer is given in the warning message. If you anyone else to debug your code, you have to post the entire code. You code shows only 1 state 'generate_bs'.
but i am getting these warnings Taking a look on the first warning message logged, you are not assigning any initial/reset value to the variable datt, but you are using it in operations inside a process. warning:Xst:1781 - Signal is used but never assigned
See Proteus output message windows, there is allways a warning with a message like "Simulation is not being performed in real time". Moreover, you're not doing the right way, a soft generated PWM as you did will change if you add more routines to run in the main() function.
It's not a yes as the clock isn't going to the ICON/ILA, hence the "slow or stopped clock" warning. How did you insert the ILA/VIO/ICON cores into the design? Instantiated, post synthesis insertion? Did you verify that that the clock source is correctly implemented? is it from a PLL, or ? Did you check in the reports when building the design t
The amount of lines of the code you've posted at initial post is 151, whereas the 1st warning message apparently assigns the problem to line 174.
Firstly it's a warning message, not an error. Do you understand the difference? Secondly, you have been cutting the wrong code part. Assignments controlled by a clock edge sensitive condition never generate latches respectively combinational loops. But there a lot of combinational loops in a different part of the code: 57.-- 56 No risi
Hello, The following log is printed when run DC synthesis. If I operate the "insert_dft", the process will be broke off, I have no idea to resolve the problem, Can anyone help me? insert_dft warning: The following synthetic libraries should be added to the list of link libraries: 'dw_foundation.sldb'. (UISN-2
CPU simulations hardly run in real time. It's no error, just a warning remembering the fact.
I have converted some IBIS models to PSpice and trying to carrying out simulation with them. I am getting this error 'ERROR(ORPSIM-16316): Invalid device'. The error does not say what file is causing this offence. This message is generated continuosly in an endless loop. If I pass the simulation I get the following message (...)
While synthesizing a design in RTL Compiler, I reported the timing using report timing -lint command. I got a warning message as follows: ******************************************** Inputs without clocked external delays The following primary inputs have no clocked external delays. As a result the timing paths leading from the ports have
Dear All: There is one error message pops up and simulation terminates when HSIM simulator is running a specific *.sp and vector Does any expert know how can I solve this problem? The error message is as following: warning: Divided by zero... Error: nxcmd.c (12875) Timestep: #34474 Transient time is 112182.717000ns S
When I run Monte Carlo simulation it shows, warning 369: COMMAND ignored: No LOT or DEV specification found ERROR 26: No analysis specified what does it mean?
when making simulation in x- ray detector this message appear(warning: Solution diverging. Potential update too large.) and trap more and program cannot solve and stop I used climit in method and increase mesh poits also I have this problem and I used suitable model for structure note (structure 3D) and I made s
I have executed StarRC using command mode but the log file generated these errors and repeated many times and finally the command was unsuccessful. The command generated extracted view properly but I want to know the details of these error messages. warning: unknown layer has been referenced: YX_viaBAR (EX-202) warning: unknown layer ha
I am simulating a circuit using devices designed using SILVACO ATLAS in Mixed Mode. Now, there is no convergence error while finding IV Characteristics of the designed device but when I'm using that particular device in a circuit, on simulation is giving me a message in the Command Bar which states warning: Not A Numbers found in currents.
Dear all: I am performing MBIST by Tessent. There are several RAM and ROM in my design. When running ETPlan, a warning message showed " NonProgrammable MemoryBist (...) wrapper has RomDiagnostic disabled. The ROM Diagnostic hardware will not be generated." Can any MBIST expert explain this warning for me? Is it mean that my ROMs will not (...)
i write the code for 8 dct...but i am getting certain warnings which i cant able to me for the same. module dct_8(clk,x0,x1,x2,x3,x4,x5,x6,x7,y0,y1,y2,y3,y4,y5,y6,y7 ); input clk; input x0,x1,x2,x3,x4,x5,x6,x7; output y0,y1,y2,y3,y4,y5,y6,y7; wire t089,t075,t050,t018,t189,t175,t150,t118,t2
dear edaboard member when i am trying to synthesis a VHDL code in ISE 14.1, i get this warning message warning:Xst - The specified part-type was not generated at build time. XST is loading the full part-type and will therefore consume more CPU and memory. it is my first time i facing such warning what does it (...)