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Hello, I'm a newbie on this field and have little experience writing in English. Recently I read "Antenna Theory and Design" written by warren L. stutzman. However, my background on this subject is far from the understanding. Because my major is Computer Science. I have searched some books to supplement this gap. Finally, I found a book written
Antenna Theory and Design by warren L. stutzman, Gary A. Thiele, * Antenna Theory & Design (IEEE Press Series on Electromagnetic Wave Theory) by: Robert S. Elliott Antenna Engineering Handbook, Fourth Edition by John Volakis
Make sure that you know the orientation of your antenna and the preferred polarization of the radiated signal. Co and cross polarization is often referenced to this direction. If you want a detailed discussion of this subject run down a copy of: "Polarization in Electromagnetic Systems" - warren L. stutzman HFSS has efficiency calculatio
Here is an excellent reference: Polarization in Electromagnetic Systems (Artech House ...The only clear exposition of the effect of polarization on electromagnetic ... Antenna Theory and Design, 2nd Edition by warren L. stutzman on 5 pages ... - 179k
The post processor has about a dozen choices for different polarizations. You need to decide what you want by co and cross polarization then select the appropriate output. This reference will provide more than you could ever want to know about polarization: warren L. stutzman, Polarization in Electromagnetic Systems, Artech House, Inc., 1993
you can find this topic at any elementary antenna book. these are some antenna book: 1- Antenna Theory: Analysis and Design - by Constantine A. Balanis 2- Antenna Theory and Design - by H. Paul Williams 3- Antenna Theory and Design - by warren L. stutzman, Gary A. Thiele 4- The Handbook of Antenna Design - by Alan W. Rudge 5- Antenna Engineer
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