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hai.... im doing my project works regarding digital watermarking for video authentication....but there is no watermarking tool in my matlab...and i am confused,what to do the next.....
hi everybody, i am working on a project on digital watermark for an image based on IRO (region of interest). the first step in this project is to separate ROI using roipoly or imfreehand or any other interactively way, and then considering RONI(reigon of non interest) and applying 3 level DWT using "Haar" wevelt. WHERE only RONI will be (...)
i am doing project on watermarking using spread spectrum. watermark signal is text signal. to encode this binary signal i am using BCH encoder. this encoded watermark is supposed to converted into level 1 and -1 corresponding to 1 and 0. but after encoding this watermark signal can not be converted into +1 (...)
hey i9 am doing my me project i need verilog code for 2 level dwt processor
HI friends... am doin my final year project in image processing. digital watermarking enhancement using particle swarm optimization.... i have some knowledge about it... can u guys help me pls.. willing to do watermark in a medical image... ---------- Post added at 02:31 ---------- Previous post was at 02:21 ----------[/SIZ
hello everyone...... I need code in matlab for embedding a visible watermark in an image..........working on digital watermarking project in my final year..................Please reply asap........Thanks.
Hello all, I am a having a bit of difficulty in my final graduation project and i really hope that some of you here can help me out. my project is: adding watermark using DWT into a medical image. (i have no knowledge in watermarking) I have the following code %----------------------------- (...)
hi everybody it have been 6months in doing my project, and yet i have so many faults what i am doing is satellite image watermarking using the DCT transform, i found the way to embed the watermark, and how to extract,but my problem is that the image dim is very large and what i know that i should convert the image to gray scale to do it (...)
hi there i am working on embedding signature as a digital watermark in an image.Till now i have been able to do the signature preprocessing till thinning the image .Can someone help me with the feature extraction of this preprocessed image?????
i want to make a project to secure my image or my picture. i planed to put some program script into te image, just like enscryption data. is there anybody could helped me? coz i still confuse where i must started from. my friend told me that i can used java as builder, but i don't know how. please help me.
Hi, Can any one help me in doing giving me projects based on image denoising, image watermarking, watermark self embedding concepts!! Pls do me this favour.. my mail id is
Hi Does someone have any suggestion for digital watermark using FPGA? I am first time to touch this project. I have no idea how to start. :(