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Hi, I think you mean a plug-in watt-meter is not what you're looking for? Is the hand-piece part of this machine isolated from the mains? Is it a DC or an AC device? Do you know the voltage and estimated current? What measurement tools do you have available? Do you have a DMM that can measure DC current (...)
Hi there, I have found measuring RF power a tricky thing to do if not special equipment is available and I would like your comments on this. I have an HF power oscillator that is supposed to output 2W. When I measure this in the watt meter it outputs 2W. When I measure it in the scope, it outputs about 28Vpp ie 2W, and the (...)
Use a Battery and a variable resistor to set the current and to simulate changes in sunlight. Use a watt meter to display the power.
The ATMEGA in the watt-meter might be programmed with code protection, don't try to read the chip, try to download the program file from the corresponding product website.
Laminated Steel-core transformers come in various ratings of watt/Kg depending on how thin and quality of cold-rolled grain-oriented steel. But I suspect you want to measure the rating. If you have a voltage and current meter in your DMM and a few resistors like a small 12V halogen bulb you can record (...)
hello i am trying to build a wattmeter using mplab following the documents instructions in this pdf but im not getting correct results and cant figure out why i think the problem is with the A/D reading but couldnt figure out how to fix it it would be great if someone can take a look at it thank you
I have a laser power meter that currently outputs voltage in mV but it is (by the design) off by a factor of 3. For example, if I have a 3 watt laser, it is outputting 1 volt. Or if I have a 600mW laser, it is outputting 200mV. I use a voltmeter to measure the output and multiply by three in my head. I would LIKE (...)
The specification snippets don't fit well together yet, I think. - "watt meter" refers to real power measurement or what? A range and resolution specification seems necessary, however. - "collecting from 20 sources" means one device with 20 channels or 20 devices? - "get a reading at any time or once a month" means to read instantaneous (...)
The principle of watt meter is to use voltage and current data to calculate watt; watt seconds becomes kWH and that is what you are paying for. If yoy draw less amps you will use less Wh and pay less. Nothing that you do down stream from the power meter will (...)
An amp-hour meter is the most correct way to measure the energy which the battery has received from a charger. Also to measure how much energy the battery has put out to a load. An amp-hour meter is different from the watt-hour meter which measures electrical power going to our houses. Both factor in the elapsed time.
in making watt meter using the PIC, according to ohms law, how the resistance in the circuit is calculated ? switch off the circuit and measure using ohm meter ? , or any other method ?
i got a pic18f452 i want to make a watt meter to measure dc voltage and current from a circuit. i am new to micro controller pls help me.
Hi. You really give me a hard work here as I must move my head along the screen to read your big blue letters :-P What exactly are you planning to measure? Do you want to know this because you're wondering how much wattages your householding consumes? Then go for a watt-hour meter, as that is what you're paying for.
hi to all i have made this little uhf modulater from old vcr and only gives fiew meter i need little more power not more than 1 watt or less 500 mw is enough good i need to transmit and increase its power rf output to 1 or more km with external aerial antenna what kind of amplifier transistors bfr 90 91 96 bfq68 do u (...)
hi... i'm doing the watt hour meter using the pic16f877a....but the problem is i'm new with the i'm having problem to create the code for the pic...i already have the circuit for the input voltage,current and also phase difference for the pic...these analog input will be converted to digital by using the adc in the how i gonna
Hi there! Can you give me an idea how to count the disk rotation of a kilowatt hour meter? Need a photo sensor and a small PIC that can be mounted inside the meter case. I need to have also a real time clock and program to store the "time of use" of electric energy. Any idea? Thanks...
Microchip has several resources on their web site you can reference: watt-Hour meter using PIC16C923 and CS5460: Energy meter Design Center:
HI You can use ADE7753 from ANALOG as a watt meter The ADE7753 use SPI for connection with the micro controller ALl the best Bobi
My project is to build a digital watt meter, to measure the Voltage, Current, Power, etc. from an appliance connected. My question is, is there a way I could measure voltage from a 240V/50Hz mains connecting to an appliance? Please do not suggest Voltmeter, because the watt meter I'm building will be a (...)
anyone have an idea of using this magnetic swipe card interfaced with watt-hour meter to create a prepaid electricity meter. its for my project study.. thanks!