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hey there, I built in hfss a rectangular wave guide and two pins that should feed him. I wish that the waveguide will only let TE20 mode to propogate. How can i make it? which kind of ports should i use? thanks a lot!
Hi all As you know we have modes in wave guides For example in parallel plate TM mode we have h=nΠ/b , fc=n/2b(?ε)^0.5 my question is that how do this modes change ? We have n=1 , fc=1/2b(?ε)^1/2 n=2 , fc=1/b(?ε)^1/2 and so on They change with my operation frequency ? for example (...)
Does anyone know how to determine the ( leaky mode,wave guide propagating mode and surface wave mode) in CST after implementing SIW antenna?
Hi It seems that FEKO is only able to model wave guide ports which are there anyway to model other configurations such as a kind of parallel plate modes? My structure is composed of two pair of finite parallel plates which are 90deg rotated. Regards, Hadi
Hi everybody ... I work on an FSS structure and confused with designing TE(0,0) and TM(0,0) modes using wave guide Port ... Is there any body to help me to design such ports???? thanks :)
Hi, Iam designing a mode selector using HFSS. Actually i need to characterize three modes. TE01, TE02, TE03. In that i just have to select TE03 and give it to wave guides. So, can any one suggest how to design this. I have already some theoretical calculations by which i can achieve this by a circular wave (...)
Hi, Can anyone please tell me, how many waves can be propagated in a wave guide.
Hi, Can more than one mode can be traveled in a wave guide ???
Hi, I am simulating a tapered antenna rod using HFSS v12; however, the radiation antenna pattern is not looking right. I am using a circular wave port guide. I am using two excitation modes. I want to achieve HE11 excitaion. I have attached the model. Any feedback is appreciated. Ilde
how to plot TE mode 010 in wave guide anu simple method is there
If you are running HFSS and using a modal wave port you probably need to ask for more modes. Circular guide is mode rich and has numerous modes that do not have rectangular counterparts.
I try to get band structure of a line defect photonic crystal waveguide with Rsoft full wave band solver but i don,t know how can i do? and there is no example to guide me. Is anyone work with full wave band solve?
Why CWG? Are you trying to copy a satellite LNB receiver design? You should realize that those are CWG because the satellite transmission is cirularly polarized. Those round feeds are not simple CWG, but complex structures that received either Right Hand or Left Hand circular polarized signals. In general they have a circular horn, a mode con