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It's not so complicated.You will use a directional coupler to measure the reflected waves coming from the resonator and you will also use a VCO to sweep the frequency band which in you're interested.The system will sweep the VCO and will observe the reflected wave at proper port of directional coupled and using a bit signal processing (...)
Hi every one, I am simulating a horn antenna with a wave port with two orthogonal modes (to get circular polarization), the combine option in Post processing tab is not available for me. it gives me this warning:At least one propagating mode is not considered at port 1. Can anyone help me please? Thank you very much
Hi, That's why there are interrupts and internal periferal hardware. I don't know the internals of the 89s52. The easiest way for a 1s pulse is to set up a timer/counter periferal as wave generating mode. Then you should be able to choose frequency and duty cycle. Once set up it needs no additional processing power, and no code. The is a hardwar
Gents, I have two identical cross-section rectangular waveguides in a driven model. How do I drive these two waveguides differentially (i.e. TE10 for each, but 180 degree out of phase) in HFSS? Do I need to use a driven terminal model instead? -J
Hi I want to calculate SNR,SNDR,SFDR,ENOB of designed ADC. I want to use matlab for processing. I have designde ADC in cadence spectra and do the tansient analysis by sine wave as the i/p. Can anyone tell me should I use ideal DAC at the o/p of ADC and take the reconstructed sine signal to matlab or only digital bits of transient analysis take
Hi to all, I need to generate in the FPGA a very precise sine wave. The frequency of the sinewave is constant while the Amplitude and the Phase change. The aim is not to utilize the sinewave to drive a DAC but instead to use it for signal processing inside the FPGA. Now... an example: I have a 2.5 KHz sine, the (...)
I need to detect the envelope of a signal with a 90 kHz carrier wave. Has anyone use the digital envelope algorithm by performing the following digital processes : sample signal, square signal, take a moving average (LPF) and take the square root of the signal.
what do u mean wav file? samples for matlab? find any wave file u want in any sampling rate you need or use wavepad sound editor
Multichannel WAV files examples: Multiple Channel Audio Data and wave Files See this:
Dear Members , I am basically a Mech.Engineer.I have to work with signals and its processing as a part of my work ! Set-up : Ultrasonic transduced fitted with sonotrod is placed inside a tube with oil. This transducer is connect to chargeamplifier and an Advanced oscilloscope,where I see the signals in time domain and fequency domain. My
are three analog effect sound synthesizers: Atari Punk Console, waveform processing WP-20 and MFOS Weird Sound Generator. Atari Punk Console (APC): The device is based on NE556. One timer operates as a square wave generator, the other as a impulse generator. The
Strictly spoken, the sketched waveform suggests, that don't have an exact mathematical definition of the behaviour. Or can you explain, what exactly causes the slope down to zero at the right side of the envelope waveform? Basically, you have the choice between a peak detector with simple decay time constant and some kind of peak hold circuit,
hi, i am in final year of electronic engineering, i want to know what is the scope of power as well as communication, and which subjects should i select from these: 1: what subjects to select from these 4: power electronics, digital image processing wireless communication antenna and wave propagation. i have to select b/w antenna and wir
Hi guys, part of my group project is to design and implement an audio player on hardware (FPGA - Xilinx Spartan 3). What kind of audio codec (free/open), is least resource expensive (least use of processing, memory, etc). We can chose any codec we want, failing which, we have to resort to just implementing a wave player (which brings in
I need to use an incident plane wave to excite a receive array of 4 dipoles. I would like to measure the induced complex voltages at each dipole port for a direction finding post-processing algorithm. I tried using 1 incident plane wave excitation and 4 lumped ports. HFSS gave an error though. Is this the correct setup for such a problem, (...)
Hi, Which circuit can remove dc component from a square wave signal? I know that the capacitor is remove the dc but only for sine wave signal. I hope that u can help me regards Why not using a differential amplifier (subtractor) - preferrably made with opamps?
with planewave it must be done post processing - the simulation is much longer Added after 1 hours 29 minutes: in attached file you will find an example of scaning for anisotropic medium
In MATLAB, there are two types of "Sine wave" generator (see figure below). One can be found in Simulink library, and another one can be found in Signal processing Blockset (SPB). When the "Output complexity parameter" of SPB "Sine wave" block to Complex, it will generate complex sinusoidal signal. What is the different between the (...)
Hi I am doing some project for VoIP processing. I am facing some problem in writing RTP for voice codec like G.711, G.729 etc. I have encoded a wave file with G.711 and G.729 it is compressed now, but i need some help to write RTP/RTCP for this file to send using UDP on internet. Can anyone help me and please tell me how can i write C o
i have designed a pipelined adc, but i don't know how to get the output file consisted of output codes from output waveform of adc(in spectre); that is, how to convert analog high and low level(vdd and 0) into binary code,and save these binary codes(such as,10bit) into a txt file, then for matlab processing? some one tell me to use ocnPrint com