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I have a wavecom modem it's been working perfectly until two days ago. Here's the problem... screen /dev/tty.usbmodem24111 115200 (no problem) Ctrl A + Ctrl \ to quit screen. Try to connect with screen again screen /dev/tty.usbmodem24111 115200 However this time whatever I type it just won't shows up in the terminal. If I switch off t
Hey any one know how to connect printer to wavecom and also information regarding at commands for serial communication between printer and wevecom q2686. Appreciate in advance
hi there i have used this at+commands and my problem is error after the "at+cstt" atcommand right at * step fputs("ATZ",COM_908); fputs("ATE0",COM_908); fputs("AT+CSCLK=0",COM_908); delay_ms(2000); fputs("AT+CREG=0",COM_908); delay_ms(2000); fputs("AT+CGACT=1",COM_908); delay_ms(3000); fputs("AT+CGATT=1",COM_908); delay_ms(300
The difficulty depends on what device you use to connect to the mobile network. wavecom modems made in the last few years have tcp/ip support in the modem, you can make a single http connection by sending a simple command over a serial connetion. A cellular modem from years ago requires you to implement PPP and tcp/ip in your microcontroller.
hai, can you help me how to read responds from wavecom's modem ? like as when i type "AT" in wavecom modem through hyperterminal, it will respond "ok" but i use microcontroller in this case and display the respond in LCD i had done make a program for this case, but it did not complete the respond is not like as it should be this is my syn
I'm having strange problem with my wavecom M1202B gsm modem. When I try to send a sms vai USART terminal of mikroC pro for avr , I can . But gsm modem responds with weird character . I can sen , read , delete messages and dial supplementary number . But sometimes modem responds as expected (normal response like +IPR: 9600 ĆOK ) but
when we had the antena problem (wavecom Fastrack Xtend modem - cable broken inside the metal cover) we fixed it and it was then OK when we had poor signal moving to a different part of the building often fixed the problem I don't know of an AT command to change the RF power
Hai Can anyone help me to get the IP address from wavecom modem. I have tried a lot,but always it display an error message. Thanks Balu
Hi everybody, i want to establish data call between two modem. i have interfaced two modem to the different PC and calling using AT commands, i have set below AT commands to establish data call but still am getting NO CARRIER response from modem. I have used AT+FCLASS=0, AT+CBST=7,0,1 AT+CRC=1 ATD I can establish voice c
Hi All, I plan to integrate 3G/4G module to our system. I have noticed that most if not all 3G/4G modules are having USB for the fast data services. We don't have USB in our CPU system but we have 5mbit/sec uart. Does anyone has experience with SIMCOM/TELIT/wavecom/Cinterion 3G or 4G modules using only UART/SPI interfaces? Best Regard
HI I have a problem to connect internet via gprs modem (wavecom & sim908) AT OK AT+CGATT=1 OK AT+CGCLASS? +CGCLASS: "B" AT+CGCLASS=? +CGCLASS: ("CG","CC","B") OK AT+CGCLASS="CG" OK OK AT+CGREG? +CGREG: 0,1 OK AT+CGREG=1 OK +CGREG: 1 AT+CGACT=1,1 OK AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","mtnirancell" OK AT+CDNSCFG="208.67.22
hi friends! i m using wavecom gsm modem . how i put conference call using gsm modem using at commands . pls tell at commands for conference call
hai everybody, I am using a wavecom fasttrack m1206 modem.Using AT command AT+VTS i can send DTMF tones but no AT command is specified for DTMF detection.Does that mean DTMF detection is not possible through this modem?can anybody help me on this
Hi! Who can help me to do download firmware correctly into wavecom q2406b through DWLWin? My ultimate goal is to change the IMEI! I had read that the software needed *.bin, *.dwl, *.e2p files! Where i can download it?
Hi all I want to enable WIPSoft commands on my wavecom Modem. ( MTSMC G-F2 ). I ve read that i need to download wipsoft.dwl however i can't find that file. I think im not having WIPSoft because when i enter for example WIP+CFG=? gives me "ERROR". Where should i download wipsoft.dwl or how should i enable it? Thanks in advance
Hello Dear I want to get data from our website by GPRS modem(wavecom) by microcontroller.I don't know i must use which AT commands? Thanks
Hi, out there! Can anyone please help me with the a diagram/document, showing/explaining pin numbers of the 60 pin interface connector of the Q64 wireless CPU? of wavecom? I searched the web for such a thing in vain :(. I do not have the module on hand now, even though I think it is not marked as I see it on pictures. I wave just started designing
hi friends, i used avr atmega8 microcontroller & wavecom gsm modem for receiving message . in the code i use receiver interrupt for receiving message . message is not received for interupt but without using interrupt message is received why? help me
hi friends , i have wavecom (Q2403A) model , i have interfacing this modem with atmega8 microcontroller , for receiving data i use receiver interrupt code. this code is not working in this model but the same code work in old model wavecom gsm modem . i dont know what reason ? pls help and reply soon
Hi..I am doing my final year project on 'Home automation using gsm modem'.I am using pic18F4520 and gsm modem (wavecom q2403 model).When I connect modem with laptop(using hyperterminal),the modem is responding.When I interface pic with pc,serial communication is working fine.But when I connect pic with gsm modem,it is not working fine.I am using a