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Hello, I am designing slotted waveguide Planar array in CST. For array design, i need design curves of slots characteristics. A longitudinal slot is in resonant condition when its admittance become purely real. I have simulated a slot with different lengths in CST and i am unable to understand the graphs i get. Can anybody explain me these
Recently, I've read paper entitled by "Left-handed transmission characteristics of rectangular waveguide periodically loaded with ferrite", and I want to repeat the dispersion relation shown in fig.2, but I meet the chanllenge to solve the transcendental equation (5), which is deduced from the mode-matching method analysis. And I've check the deduc
TEM mode does not exist in Rectangular waveguide. So transmission characteristics of Rectangular waveguide is Highpass. Here I assume no loss in wall. On the other hand, TEM mode exist in other two. So transimission characteristics from DC is possible for other two. But for high frequency radiation loss due to open (...)
hi ppl! i need help in designing a metallic waveguide in hfss with a particular frequency e-g 2 GHz and plot some characteristics i-e VSWR against frequency reflection coeffficent against frequency etc using TE01 mode as propagtion mode plz help me its really urgent!!
Hi, I'm trying to simulate a waveguide slot antenna using HFSS, but I'm not sure how to get started. Anyone has any helpful tutorial files? One on how to build a waveguide and feed it would be helpful. Please sent the files to me at sluli_2 at, I'd be eternally grateful! Thanks.