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I am working on multilayer hybrid plasmonic waveguide which involves silver, silica and silicon. I have to calculate surface roughness and scattering losses at 1550nm wavelength. There is one macro defined in cst for surface roughness but that is useful for lossy metal at GHz range. While defining the material also, there comes one option such as:
Hello, is there a way to have cst discrete ports and excite Strip lines (sandwiched between two Ground planes) ?? I know a waveguide port works, but somehow i do not want to use waveguide ports. Is there a way with Discrete ports?
Hello, in my multisection coupler structure i have a port shown as bellow(strip-line port) i have selected all three faces of the port and pressed ,"waveguide port" and i got the following window, what to do now , how to define in so i will get it functioning as a stripline port? or do i need to define it as a desrete port, then how do you sugge
How did you design the antenna ? If you did it on cst you probably gave waveguide excitation from the ports and your ports are probably Z=50 ohms. When you design antenna , you look at S11 measurements of the antenna.Generally you want your S11 to be below -10dB in band. -10 dB S11 means your VSWR=1.92 and Reflection Coefficient=0.316 . This al
Hello,i would like to have the two orthoghonal modes TE10 TE01 and shift them 90 degrees to create circular polarization in the cst menu i can only choose the number of modes but i cant know which modes specificly will be generated.I can choose the polarization angle so by choosing two ports and 90 degree polarization i will only get two ortho
Can you please explain a bit what you mean when you say four port rectangular waveguide switch? Do you mean four port circulator ?
I am unable to use Wave guide port in Antenna design. It shows a error as improper range, out of bound. Please help me with the above issue. I hereby attached the link(google drive link) of the cst file of my antenna design. In that antenna design I have to assign two Wave guide ports. Wave guides are required at the following dimensions. Please
Hello all, I am trying to determine the power read at the receiving waveguide port due to the reflected power off the PEC wall from the transmitting waveguide port. The setup is 2 waveguides, stimulated with waveguide ports, slightly separated from each other and both facing a finite PEC wall in free space at a fixed (...)
Hi There, could some one please guide me in setting up T- solver simulations of cst to measure S-parameters of a patch antenna using a X-band Rectangular waveguide. Thanks in advance.
Hello Dears I would like to insert an external AC current on my design. for example: if I have a dielectric substrate backed with a metal plate and on the top there is a microstrip TL, and I want to feed the TL with an external AC current instead of the waveguide port. Does anybody has an experience with such a design? Thanks in advance.
Matheai young and jones (the bible) has a good chapter on high power waveguides. I would start with that.
Hello, I lived a problem about waveguide simulation. İn this waveguide there are 3 output ports. Radiation efficiency result is nearly -0.01 dB of first port. S11 result of this port is nearly -15 dB. But total efficiency result is nearly -6.5 dB, So realized farfield gain result is effect beacuse of total efficiency is bad. For ex
I need to simulate a microwave absorber using cst, but i want to illuminate the absorber using TEM wave instead of waveguide input port. Is there anybody has an expertise how to input TEM wave using cst?
There is tab available on the top of cst main window which will calculate Q and losses for you. Be sure to define proper material for model. I am not able to understand your problem correctly as from question it seems that you want to do something to note the effect of change of aperture of waveguide if you explain a bit more then it would be easy
Hello, I am designing slotted waveguide Planar array in cst. For array design, i need design curves of slots characteristics. A longitudinal slot is in resonant condition when its admittance become purely real. I have simulated a slot with different lengths in cst and i am unable to understand the graphs i get. Can anybody explain me (...)
Dear members of edaboard society, During the simulation of Plasmonic waveguide in cst i've faced result, which i barely can understand. My structure consist of a waveguide (dielectric with \varepsilon = 1) and thin layers of silver (Johnson) on top and bottom. I can see the modes which are propagating in the waveguide (...)
i try to excite a Nano DRA using a waveguide port at frequency range from 180 THZ to 210 THZ How to determine the waveguide port dimensions at this frequency range ?
This one for example: "FR-4 Substrate Integrated waveguide PCB at 20GHz". But also many of them. there are many papers, google for: "substrate integrated waveguide design filetype:pdf" put in in google without (")
Is there anyone who had designed a coaxial waveguide using cst and extracted the cutoff frequencies? I would like to test an absorbing material using coaxial waveguide measurements but at firs i want to simulate the model of coaxial waveguide and test the MUT(material under test) inside it, but i get some errors in the (...)
If your pcb only includes the transmission line, you can you waveguide ports. The appropriate dimensions for the ports can be found in the manual. Subsequently, you choose a far-field monitor, either broadband or for a specific frequency.