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Hello, is there a way to have cst discrete ports and excite Strip lines (sandwiched between two Ground planes) ?? I know a waveguide port works, but somehow i do not want to use waveguide ports. Is there a way with discrete ports?
how do I find the fundamental modes? For eg. am trying to simulate a dielectric waveguide in air? I am using a discrete waveguide port at the ends. Am not sure about the boundary conditions in cst? Can somebody explain open boundary with add space? Thanks in advance
Hi, I want to use Lumped element on a port for impedance matching purpose. I used a discrete port and then I used a Lumped element. When I tried to simulate I get this error."The discrete port 1 has the same mesh location as the lumped element element1." Then I used waveguide port and I get this error "Distance between lumped element (...)
Hi, I have designed a single unit cell csrr metamaterial and microstrip patch antenna using cst. I don't know how to combine these two structures together and what port (waveguide/discrete) should I used to run the simulation when they are combined. The boundary condition for metamaterial is magnetic for z axis, electric for x axis and open (...)
How to shield is described in the online help directory in your cst folder. In the setup for your waveguide is an option to activate shielding. The question is if this is the solution or you have some other problems with your setup. The change from waveguide to discrete port should be considered carefully because they (...)
Ok let's try: 1) So, my first question is which feeding port is most suitable for this type of design.discrete port or waveguide port.: It depends I think, if you have just your antenna, waveguide excitation would be correct if you use for example some microstrip or cpw as feed. In your case, I recommend a discrete
In cst how to excite microstrip line in the middle of simulated volume? In cst Microwave Studio how to excite microstrip line in the middle of simulated volume? I use discrete port touching edge of microstrip line and ground plane on the other side of the PCB. Is this correct way to do it? How can I use (...)
discrete ports are not unsuitable for waveguideS like CPW. That's why you should use a waveguide port. From the point of definition of a waveguide port, it makes no sense to placed it somewhere inside the structure. Because how you want to excite your real cpw inside? One reason for the error could be: If you place your (...)
Hi folks, i got a cst Structure with waveguide and differential discrete ports. -> How can i import the simulation results to MWO? The waveguide ports should be connected to 50 Ohm ports in MWO and between the differential discrete ports i want to put a lumped element circuit. The whole thing (...)
I want to create a wave-guide port for following structure. It is 'CPW with ground' or 'grounded CPW . What should be the dimensions of wave guide port? Please see the structure below. 96793
I tried to design a DRA antenna in cst MWS whose file is attached along with.But I am not getting desired S parameters which may be because of ambiguity in applying ports to the antenna.I am applying a waveguide port at the feed line which is feeding the slot. I am supposed to generate TE mode in that waveguide (...)
I know in HFSS it would be a wave port. HFSS has the terms "lumped port" and "wave port" and I suspect the waveguide port is what you want in cst. A horn is going to be connected to a waveguide, so if cst has a waveguide port, I'd be very surprised if that was not the one to use. As for getting S11, I (...)
Deal All, Could anyone tell me how to define the waveguide port on curved surface? Thanks for help
I am trying to simulate the S parameters of a microstrip by using ROGERS 5880 material with copper sheet below and copper strip above.When I try to use the transient analysis for solving the S parameters its giving me wrong results .I am trying to use discrete port rather than waveguide.Can someone help me out with this?
Hi, I want to model a simple Microstrip line(MS) in cst using discrete port. I had used the waveguide port it has given me some results i want to compare with the discrete port. Problem is that When i use a discete port between Ground and Microstrip line it gives me an error "The Port is inside PEC" and solver stops. (...)
i recommend for avoiding the waveguide port dimension that u could use the discrete port it already provide u with 50 ohm without any dimension,just need only 2 points regards
thanks but it didn't help me i am trying to design a microstrip circulator and i will use discrete ports there are some examples and i have some tutorials about waveguide ports, not discrete ports : Why you are use discrete ports? On microstrip you can use waveguide ports. Have some special reason?
I study parallel -plate transmission line. characteristic impedance is 50 ohm. I calculate width =37.7mm and hight =5mm length ??? (consider....) But simulation is not ... using cst microwavestudio a point of difference waveguide port, discrete face port, edge port. My concern is transmission line input imp
see the picture and try to give the port in the bottom it may increase the electrical length of the antenna. and it is easy to feed the connector after the fabrication U can use the discrete port. if u want to use waveguide port extend it to the rectangular part it will take it as a ground i am not sure about this but try this....
For wire-antennas MoM tools are more useful usualy. NEC, EMC Studio, FEKO, WIPL-D. Why do you prefer to use waveguide port? Especially with wire-antennas discret ports should work just fine.