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How did you design the antenna ? If you did it on CST you probably gave waveguide excitation from the ports and your ports are probably Z=50 ohms. When you design antenna , you look at S11 measurements of the antenna.Generally you want your S11 to be below -10dB in band. -10 dB S11 means your VSWR=1.92 and Reflection Coefficient=0.316 . This al
hey there, I built in hfss a rectangular wave guide and two pins that should feed him. I wish that the waveguide will only let TE20 mode to propogate. How can i make it? which kind of ports should i use? thanks a lot!
Hello Dears I would like to insert an external AC current on my design. for example: if I have a dielectric substrate backed with a metal plate and on the top there is a microstrip TL, and I want to feed the TL with an external AC current instead of the waveguide port. Does anybody has an experience with such a design? Thanks in advance.
How to give plasmonic feed in nano antenna by waveguide port?
Hi. This is a basic question, when feeding a waveguide with a coaxial cable, using the inner cable pin to feed the waveguide (without a conector, its feeding directly), but the shield of the cable does not touch the waveguide, will the antenna still work or does affect a lot? Also, is (...)
for designing a novel CPW feed fractal antenna for UWB,, they have chosen coplanar waveguide feed... is there any possibility of using probe feed??? what are all the advantages and disadvantages of using this probe feed for designing a novel probe feed fractal antenna for UWB???? rectify my (...)
hiii , i have to excite te11 and te21 mode in circular waveguide using coax feed . how to get the length and diameter of coax conductor protruding inside the circular wg. it will be changed in order to meet the waveguide impedence which is much greater than 50 ohm coax line impedence. similarly for te21 modes 4 coax excitations are (...)
Hello, I am facing this error : "Port number 1 and 2 have overlapping areas in mesh representation. Consider to decrease the port dimension or to refine the mesh distribution." I am trying to simulate this design in CST which uses two coaxial feeds for the lower patch and the upper patch. The coordinates for the feed location have to be same,
I had made a double coaxial slot antenna at 915 MHz in CST microwave studio, the problem is with the feed as it is a cylindrical antenna the problem is with the feed. I had given it waveguide feed but the results are not coming to the cylinderical antenna feed and where should be the ground (...)
I want to simulate the plate as a reflector (by placing horn in front of plate) Assign a waveport excitation the the waveguide feed of the horn. Place the horn and the pate in a vacuum, where the edges of the vacuum box are at least a quarter wavelength away from the horn and plate. Assign a radiation boundary
I would look at a double ridge to waveguide transition. the coax probe attaches to the ridge. can get multi-octave bandwidth
assume we want to feed waveguide or horn for wideband usage. For narrowband distance from probe to backshort is about quarterwave. What can be used in wideband case. Probe is microstrip wideband monopole on pcb. Generally the distance can be the quarter-wave of a center wavelength. Specifically, this distance m
Dear all, I am designing a Coplanar waveguide feed for my printed LPDA antenna. I need some help about design parameter and calculation that need to be followed for CPW design on patch antenna. The feedline width of the LPDA is 1mm. can CPW be implemented on this feed width? Regards
Hi all, first of all i would like to confess that i am a newbie in rf design and i may ask very silly questions. please forgive me and i am waiting for your responses. I am trying to design a pifa and/or ifa antenna (all of them are PCB microstrip antennae) in cst design environment. when i was investigating reference example designs on inter
hello I want to simulate the aperture coupled micro-strip antenna, and i have the parameters of this antenna, just i want to know how to design waveguide port, i tried to use 3*wf X mt+5*hp:wf is width of feed line,and hp: high of substrate of patch, but for microstrip antenna,you know in this antenna, the feed line and patch are on the (...)
place grounded areas around your lines. use vias going to ground. it will look like a coplanar waveguide. I am assuming you are using a microstrip topology.
Try a quarter-wave plate inserted in the feed waveguide diagonal. Use a thin Teflon plate or a similar dielectric. I doubt it could work over the extremely wide bandwidth, though. Why you simply do not tilt the horns by 45 degrees?
driven modal for waveguide type problems.
hi. i want to design a conical horn with variable polarization characteristic. changing in polarization taken with a motor that rotate a plane that taked place incide horn please help me . thank you You do not define what polarization you need. The feed waveguide defines the polarization.
Hi, I have designed a quad ridged horn antenna. Everything is fine, gain, sparameters, etc. However, E-plane pattern of each port has shifted 1-2 degrees. It is because of the asymmetry of quad ridged waveguide feed section. This is caused by the phase delay due to other prob's enterance. When I use the connector having small external radius, the