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Hi all, When we use air gap(between the dielectric substrate and ground plane) technique to enhance the antenna parameters we use height h= substrate height + air gap height for calculation of patch and feedline dimensions. What about the effective permittivity and wavelength? How to calculate the effective permittivity and wavelength when (...)
The radiation box should be a quarter-wavelength long of the frequency of interest in the direction of the radiated field.
Hi there, I am curious that Array factor and total gain of array is it the same or not? if it is not the same how to calculate it. Thank you for all helps - - - Updated - - - One more thing, if the separation distance of antenna is 0.65 wavelength, what would be the phase difference between them?
L=y/2-dL //y = wavelength of the gps-signal In this calculation, you need to use the effective wavelength with substrate - not the free space wavelength in air. The effective wavelength with substrate depends on the distribution of fields between substrate and air. If the fields would all be in substrate, (...)
This is half guided wavelength and the calculation can be find in this chapter.
Apparently you are operating an unmatched transmission line. But what you are trying to achieve? I also can't follow your wavelength calculation. A wavelength can be expected to have a length dimension λ/4 may be around 20 mm at 40 GHz.
Half wavelength array spacing is a guideline rather than a requirement. The spacing is driven by a variety of factors. If high angle scan is desired the spacing may be less. Look into Hansen and Kraus for more discussion.
Hi to all:) I want to extract a Transmission or Reflection Curve vs. wavelength or Freq. for an specified Photonic Crystal Geometry in order to finding its Band Gap in a time domain calculation. I think, should take FFT from E-field components, but How? also I used CST MWS ver 5.1.1 to simulate my Ph.Cry. but I could not find any link or opt
Hi, I have a question about the IE3D array radiation pattern calcuation in the PatternView. I have tried to use a half-wavelength dipole along z-axis, the single element pattern is pretty well, with directivity about 2.2dBi (Theory shows 2.15dBi). However, when I tried to use IE3D "array pattern calculation" in the PatternView, with two eleme
hi all, i have attached one ieee paper. in that they explained the opration of the antenna wit the guided wavelength and slot length. how to calculate? i want to get mathematical calculations to get the frequency of operation. with thanks in advance, KBMani.
Pls quote the error. I usually experience something like plate is small compared to wavelength. Cheers, Element7k Hi, Does anyone know,how can I draw a PY-card polygon with more than 26 points in UTD environment. If I draw several polygons, FEKO appears error messages and I'm not sure whether the calculation results are als
β=φ/L φ=arg(S12) or arg(S21) - phase shift L= 0.052 - length of waveguide (check that L < λ - wavelength in the waveguide)