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Try putting the sensor in the shade.Try A Google search for 'weather station thermometer placement' that should give you some guidance.
hi friends........... how can we get the parameters of the antenn we design for link budget calculation.?i using a yagi antenna at ground station and dipole antenna at space station
Hai friends, I am working on LB150 weather station and able to receive and decode all nmea sentences from weather station using microcontroller. But, now the weather station has default settings, that makes it to send data continuously. I don't need all these sentences. So, I tried to (...)
This 1-Wire weather station measures a lot of weather conditions: temperature in the sun temperature in shade pressure humidity sunshine intensity wind direction wind speed
It is a design of an intelligent meteorological station. It is an unusual project, able to predict the air temperature for the next 24 hours. Artificial neural network was used for this purpose. The station recor
You can learn from this examples: CAndrian Andrianakis Haris / Charalampos ? GSM/GPRS Autonomous weather station (Tracking System) And this is correct answer (this is nice Trax product) SMS Box : SMS B
Hi all... I am going to implement a remote weather station... In that I am using LM35 sensor to measure the temperature. Since the output of that sensor is analog I have to read the ADC. This is my first time dealing with an analog input. I have no idea in doing this.. I have came across some microc codes which were about dealing with ADC. But t
Description of the device The main element is Atmega128 microcontroller. The program takes almost all available memory (about 120kB). The device is also equipped with simplified RS232 port and Bluetooth mod
The most important components: Atmega32 humidity and temperature sensor SHT11 pressure sensor MPX4115 thermistor to measure the outside temperature RTC DS1307 The device i
Hi.., We are given a project to implement remote weather station. In that, all the measurement we are getting should be send via GPRS to the main station. We are going to use PIC 16F877. Can we do that from this PIC? Please explain how can we implement this? I have no knowledge how to use AT command without a hyperterminal.. (...)
Source "I had an idea of device for measuring the temperature outsider the house and sending it to Web page. There are various thermometers however they are not pr
hi, I need to help in my project, please @@ my project is weather station, but I'm having a problem in humidity circuit i use hs1101 in 555 circuit and it give me the right frequency at OSCI, but when i connect it with pic 16f877a and lcd, the lcd read wrong frequency :(. Code is written by pic basic or micro c. i don't no why ?!!! please he
hi all, can u please help me in getting the C code for zigbee based weather monitoring station? ARM processor is used(interfacing zigbee with ARM) pls reply namya
Hi.. I have a wireless weather station, but it doesnt have a PC connection.. it has 3 modules: -Wind module -Rain module -Display module The communication between Wind/Rain module and the Display module is made by 434mhz..there a couple of people trying to decipher the RF codes, but it´s a long process..probably impossible. I was thin
I want to interface Fog Sensor Anemometer (wind speed and direction measurement) Pollution Level Sensor Rain Detector with mcrocontroller (any) Any body have an idea which equipment is best to interface with the microcontroller. Do not need home made or hobby circuit. Please Help me on this regard.
Nobody knows the frequency the notch filter must reduce. Maybe an AM radio station transmitter is next door. A TV station's transmitter? A weather radar transmitter? A cell phone transmitting tower? Why didn't the person who started this thread leave out all the important details?
Hi, Just search these forums under ' weather station ' and also try ' DS18B20 ' which is a temperature sensor commonly used in them.
this is a simple weather station that rou can read via any ethernet connection. it reads sensors, but you can easyly adapt it to measure voltages. complete source code (gpl) schematics are given.
Hi, I have a school project wich is a weather station where we a PIC to collect various informations (temperature, humidty, and so on). The main cool factor of our project is the wifi part. The PIC will collect the infos and we want to transfer it via wifi to a "server" computer whom will receive the packets and from there, we'll update the info
The 1-wire weather stations are quite popular.
Can somebody help me whit schematics layout to wireless weather station. So i would like to obtain some advise from you all. ...would be welcomed. Thanks for the help from you guys.
Can somebody help me to do a project related to wireless weather station. The requirements are simply described as follows. Function: Wireless remote measurement system that communicates at 433MHz. The purpose of the system is to measure Temperature, Relative humidity, sound. The range is 50 to 100 meters. 1 or 6 units per base (...)
Can somebody help me to write a C program(PIC16F877) for transmitting three 8 bit data via a 4 bit wireless transmitter module to be read by the reciever module to a pc thru rs232 connection.
Hello eda friends, any one can help to derive this idea success, data will be transmitted wireless (Via RF as an example), then received at the receiver end displayed and make usefulness of it. Added after 42 seconds: it could be wireless weather station!
Hi, Thanks a lot! It seems that the solar power module can be added to my project - wireless weather station. I plan to use a solar panel to be the power supply and recharge batteries and use it without sunlight in the sensors side. Can you guys elaborate more on this issues since i am a new corner on this field. Thanks. Kit
... click or ... click kit youll find what you need here :D use google with boolean nulling like copy this to google pic ++ micro ++ weather ++ station =! google uses
Kit, - Start by selecting sensors (or tell us more about them) - The title says that the weather station will be wireless. What range do you want to acheive? Best, Nick
Hi! Some time ago I started a project to reproduce the weather station from this link: it seems to be a good project, but my progress is minimal until now, since last week I was finishing my master thesis. Now, I´m currently, trying to implement an anemometer to this project, and by now i´m i
considering using my fm tx using it i can deliver my data 5km with only 1m dipole antenna :D i've once build wireless weather station using this transmitter :D:D
Try circuits from "Wireless weather station" Regards, IanP
Sensors for a weather station are here: Accuracy, however, is in your hands .. For 0.1% resolution you will need at least 10-bit A/D precision, I would say if you go for 12-bit conversion you will be able to reject 1 or 2-bit fluctuation .. And I have purpously called it "resolution" and not "accur
Here is humidity sensor from Philips in weather station application. On the base station receiver find 555 IC and this sensor is connected to pin 2, 6 and R11.
Can you please give me the links to the projects done using RF modules(transmitters/receivers/transceivers) from a company RF Monolithics generally called RFM I have already two projects naming WIRELESS weather station WIRELESS DATA LINK
Hi Please use the search button here at the forum or ie Google. Here are two links at this have some applications about weather station, there are also quite alot of projects at the net. Also check Elektor, they had a project qabout temperature and humidity l
Also look here: best regards
Hi There was a project posted in CC few month ago about a wireless weather station. In the project there was a video display with an OSD done with PIC Enjoy bobi
Hi all Here is the pic weather station with all feature which will be need in weather station all information include with pcb design and all construction infomation inculded software can be downloaded from link given below
Good for education. 8O
Hi check this two articles from CC (june and nov 2001) one is about a wireless weather station and the other is about a wireless data link. The first gives some ideas about building the sensor system ant the second about how to program the radiolink. It should be possible to find the source and all on CCs homepage Im working on something simi