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The thing I need is to design a Hardware that can simply convert the stream from Ethernet to Wifi and 3G/4G You just need an "Ethernet to Wifi" adapter. There are many options to buy on the web.
I am having Samsung mobile GT-s5350 and I want to use it as web cam for Skype. What I have to do? Thanks
do a web search for H.264 C code
way you need Video to usb converter? if you have composite video why you want to convert it to USB ? if you want to say convert USB web cam to composite I think you need a controller with usb host and related programs for connecting to it . a easy way is change your camera and buy a simple composite camera for this issue.
The OV7411 is not a "digital" camera - it has an analogue output. I also suspect it is obsolete (I cannot find it on Omnivision's web site) You don't say what you want to do with the camera so it is difficult to comment on the suitability of the microcontroller. Normally I would expect a CPLD or FPGA to be necessary to capture and (...)
With sensors for "smelling" explosive material throught air ? You mean something like this maybe you should get one of this (this dont have needs for battery recharge,
Greetings! I have an PIC16F887 and he plays a master role in communication with the PIC18F4431 which plays a slave role. He will drive motors and measure distance via IR sensors. Later, the role of a master will play another device (BeagleBoard in combination with USB web camera) but that's not important now. I just want that my communication wo
hi guy i have new project and i looking for freelancer to help me Requirements as follows : 3G GSM Portable camera user send SMS command and the device make pictures and sends them to the sender phone by MMS or to FTP \ HTTP web site The requirements are as follow: As small as possible PCB GSM camera Dimensions not (...)
I have seen in the net some working projects where they use standard web camera placed close to the eyes and some software to track the iris shape. The final result is that you an precisely track where you're looking without using additional uP
Hello There is some kind of web cams that tracks the moving object and making it into the focus of its vision field. So it tracks the body . Actually I do want to make an application using ordinary webcam based on 2 motors and a microcontroller controller for controlling webcam motion, but the image processing will be done on the pc (I (...)
hi, i am using a usb web cam. it has a very short cable and i want to make it wireless using a 343 TX/RX module. can anyone explain me how the data flow of the cam be configured with the wireless module. thnks. ---------- Post added at 12:58 ---------- Previous post was at 12:56 ---------- if possible, pl
Hi, I am making an object tracking application. I have used Emgucv to load a video file to a picturebox. I have also tried taking the video stream from a web camera successfully. Now, I want to draw an unfilled square on the video stream while it is playing using a mouse and then track the object enclosed by the unfilled square as the
I am in initial development of R&D Project for video Security Survillance project. I have written a middle ware in Java for two Single Board computers (SBC). Linux OS is installed in SBC I want to connects camera/ web cam for boards. I will be sending commands from our middleware to invoke the functions of camera. Tells us good (...)
How can you detect the genuinity of the numberplate with a webcam? For instance, what if i drive my vehicle with your cars number plate?...Are you goint to embed some sort of RFID in the plates?.Cheers
i want to make a movable robot arm using solar panel. the equipments that i want to use is solar panel,solar power tracker,buck-boost circuit, circuit for recharging, rechargeable battery. the output is arm robot, light,web camera and 2 dc motor. and it will control and monitor using controller. can you help me
Hello Friends, I'm using Logitech QuickCam Orbit/Sphere and I have the next problem if I set in Matlab: src.TiltMode = 'manual'; src.PanMode = 'manual'; src.Tilt = 10; src.Pan = 10; my camera just turns in left side, but not to down if I only set src.Tilt = 10; than it turns I want to ask what is
Hi Every One who expert on GPRS Module, I tried to send my jpeg file from USB camera I test image pic size ~8kb and upload to web server the GPRS Module spend around 45second I saw my controller waiting the simbol '>' and 'SEND OK' from gprs on each packet around >2 second , How can i set the speed of GPRS Module I saw coding scheme on e
how do i implement a remote controlled surveillance system using a web camera over a tcp/ip network...
hi! i would like to ask for your help with regards to designings/developing a circuit for interfacing a web camera (usb port) with a stepper motor and a 74LS244 octal buffer into the computer's serial or parallel port.... thank you!
u can use ccd camera for image scan and store. as a software engineer i hope u will be knowing web cam . ccd also similar one