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Hi, there are several switchin regualtor IC manufacturers. They all want to sell their parts, therefore they give you all informations you need to know. Therefore I recommend to look at the manufacturer´s web sites. They have interactive selection guides, datasheets and application notes. If then something still is unclear you are welcome to a
You have already written the difference equation representing your z-domain transfer function. It can be directly translated to C- or Java code. There are tons of web sites discussing digital filter implementation in Java, just as Google.
is a 65W, 100-265vac offline flyback which uses a quasi resonant flyback ST are using 1000uF from ESR= tan δ*Xc= tan δ*2πfC with DF=tan δ=0.12 for f= 120 Hz , ESR=90mΩ,
Leroy is not home anymore, but he has left a great legacy of work , which used some cancelled servers still on archive using you are Leroy, nice job.
I have collected some articles, primarily from magazines like Microwaves & RF, Microwave Journal. I bet you could hit their web sites and pull many more (some of them, from oscillator companies) with a local search.
hi recently i had seen website . here what is ww15, is it alternate for www ? regards aneesh
have a look at this web site.
Hi, I am completely new to the linux environment, I have to work on Beagle bone black, please suggest me the methods, web sites or books and material (if any)
I have never attempted to connect to a MySql server - just simple UDP or TCP connections to my own servers if you do a web search there are a number of links to sites discussing connecting microcontrollers to MySql, e.g.
Try these two web sites: Dear Friends, I am wondering if someone has or know where should I look for "Service Manual" for Acer's tablet Iconia TAB A200 Regards, Knut
Just to remark that according to forum rules, this is not an allowable procedure: ( ) Do not spam or self-promote in the forums These forums define spam as unsolicited advertisement for goods, services and/or other web sites or posts with little, no or completely unrelated content. D
hello,i tries to learn digital design i asked about web sites ,books that teach how to design digital system , how to convert your thought into hardware ,(i have an idea how can convert it to hardware.) (design not analysis)
What? You want to control 4 motors separately with ONE circuit? 4 PWM signals into one H-Bridge??? This violates just about every law of electronics and common sense. And you, just as well as I, can search the web for information on circuits to do what you want. Look at MOSFET manufacturers sites e.g., International Rectifier.
You need to model Operational amplifier as sub circuit block in PSpice. You can also find the spice model from TI or ADI web sites. You may want to refer the following article , this has explained modeling CFOA in detail. Another good reference on this topic is
I may be confused but I can't understand why the admin, or whoever from the staff, removed the link in my signature. The forum rules state clearly: (...) Should NOT have advertisements, link to other web site, email or images. (...) It says "link to other web site", not link to blog on our website. I was only linking an article on
as FPGAs dont tend to be used in mass produced products Don't be so sure about that. FPGA's are used on line cards for DSLAM's (Digital Suscriber Line Access Module) in Central Offices. So when you make a call using a regular telephone, it's thanks to FPGA's. I would suggest you have a look at the web sites of the major players (X
It sounds like you only need RAM not EEPROM for your data storage so simply look at the web sites of microcontroller manufacturers for a suitable one. They are likely to be 32 bit or possibly 16 bit if they have that much memory. Also, consider whether you really need to save all the values. Minimum and maximum values and the time they occurred
Hi all, Need urgently users manual for IBM Netvista 25P5090 Socket 478 Motherboard. Can any one help me find this. All over web sites the specs of FRU list available. Please help.:-(
Hello all, I am looking for schematics for rectifiers used in telecomunication. I would like to ask you with help to get schematics for Siemens GR 60 48V/50A, Eltek Flatpack2, Bening Tebechop. Or do you know some web sites where I can found mentioned diagrams? (also paid sites) Many Thanks michailovic
The ones starting with 'E' are usually from "Mini-Circuits" but I can't see them listed in their catalog. Fujitsu also make ceramic MMICs and diode mixers in that package, it might be worth contacting them or checking their web sites. What application is is used in ? Brian.