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hello I have an macallister inverter mw13tig with broken part near auxiliary transformer I think is a high freqvency switch ncp1055 and maybe other parts . please who have a schematic and info about the reason of exploding this
Hi, I don't know about your particular application , but for pulse to pulse current monitoring we used CT Transformers and/or Shunt Resistors easily in our inverter welding machines.(Power : 20KW Max) We used shunt resistor in secondary (@ 500A Current) . These are typical 75mv/500A shunt resistors available widely and can be purchased easily.
Hi, I'm currently using STM32F051C8 , Which is a ARM Cortex M0, for controlling and signalling in 10KVA welding Machine. This type of welding machine is an inverter. Because UPS needs more communication (with PC or ??) and you need to produce Sine wave , I recommend using one of the micocontrollers
Hello, I'm building a prototype 37V-350A inverter welding machine. Currently i'm using Full bridge topology and hard switching (with 2 PWM control signals, one for LEG A, One for LEG B). Rectified 3 phase AC is connected as main input voltage. Switching frequency is 31250 Hz. (32 us period). my Main controller is an ARM processor that produce
Few examples: welding inverter 100A High power adjustable switching power supply (SMPS) 3-60V 40A Very high current power supply A bit rusty but obviously working!
Hi for all, I have problem with welding (inverter) Cemont Puma 1700g, I need schematic for this tipe of welding unit, All system was death, I change some power resistor on PS board and several IGBT, system start bu with out power on output terminals, can somebody share some info about? regards
dear all, I consrtucted Invertor welding machine 400A with filter capacitor 50MFD in DC link. Some machine of same capacity uses 470MFD. I find large variations. How exactly it affects the performance, can I use 25MFD for 250A machine? deepak
Someone please suggest equivalent of IGBT - FGL 60N100BNTD(Fairchild Semiconductors) Here is its link: I am using it in a inverter based welding power source. Its heatsink design is perfect. But somehow, the IGBT's are damaged. I was thinking to try with similar part so that i dont have t
Anyone familiar with these machines ? Mine drops the voltage to zero as soon as i close the circuit, amps and OCV read normal with my DMM. i was told it was definatly the capacitors, but these are 3300 uf, way out of my meters capacitance range, they charge from the DMM normally, and there's no obvious burn out to the machine. If i can loc
Need someone to help design a custom PWM to mimic the function of a Chicago Electric, 80 amp, inverter arc welder, model 91110 - in resting state (just turned on - no welding) For some reason, just by luck, the setup works for our application. We have been to numerous "electrical" experts and not one can tell us what or why it's doing what it's
i am making plastic welding generator where i am using 20 khz signal to for welding(BY using inverter with IGBT), this 20 khz electrical signal is given to piezo electric device, this 20 khz signal is converted into 20 khz machanical vibrations, and this vibratios are given to boosters and finally given to ho
Hi Im new here. I have welding inverter GAMA 160: Svec invertor GAMA 160 | OMICRON, Teb, CZ | nad PROMA NAREX TONA PROTOOL svec technika Its in czech language but: input 230V, Output: 10 -160 A and about ~88 V, support antistick. And i need
This post on EDA may help you. Just have a look. Good luck.
This post on EDA may help you. Just have a look. Good luck.
Hi are anyone have circuit diagram of DC inverter welding? Output can constant current 20-160A ThanK
I suppose that 100V is the open circuit voltage. Usually arc voltages are <40/50V (even 60V pk for pulse welding). Is this arc welder for MMA/TIG/MIG welding? If so you can look at specifications from arc welding machines manufacturers to see which are the usual voltage/current levels, and have an idea of how many inverter (...)