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Hello, I'm working for a customer using PCB tool "Expedition PCB wg2004" from Mentor. In my company we are using Altium Deisgner 10. I'm looking for a way to avoid to my customer to completely redraw the PCB project that I will have to give him. I know that both are using .pcb files but compatibility is not achieved as far as I know. Does a
I do beleive you can because there is a document in the wg2004 area called, "VBPCB to Expedition PCB Migration Delta Document" that you can download from the Mentor Support website. If you are under support, you can get the document at Also, I would suggest ca
in PADS ROUTER, When router a trace ,the other trace near by this trace is display a shadow to tell the engineer the safe clearance. how to realize this function in wg2004?
I use Mentor wg2004.
the properties of trace doesn't offer the info of width.
How to output gerber file (Soldermasker layer) without vias. see the pictures!
In Mentor wg2004 (Expedition PCB) I finished route the trace expect gnd. I want to use "pour cooper" to finish it.
I want to create a symbol which has some pin with the same name. But I can't do it in Library manager for dc. how can I do it.
I have a layout file (powerpcb format). I need to translator the layout file to expedition file (wg2004). I use pads2004 to export *.hkp. But I don?t know how to import the *.hkp by wg2004. Who can tell me how to import *.hkp by wg2004? Thank you!
Hi, I don't know much about EN2004 but I am using ISD/wg2004. So : - EN means ENterprise while WG means WorkGroup level tools - Expedition PCB is the PCB layout tool of the wg2004 PCB suite - ISD2004 is the Integrated Systems Distribution, a disk collection containing most of Mentor PCB related tools (WG, Tau, ICX, Library Manager, etc..
Hi, Does anybody know how to convert wg2004 file to PADS file? Thanks
Yes, you can do it. You will need both an Allegro AND a Mentor Expedition license Mentor wg2004 provides a set of SKILL script files that should be used within Allegro. Theese will prepare the design for Mentor. The design can then be read in into Mentor Expedition. OR You can probably use a translator from Router Solutions, Inc. You will
now mentor usually recommend dxdesigner+expedition flow. dxdesigner always support these scripts. the schematic tool is viewdraw. from wg2004, expedition begin support these scripts. i have searched all document of mentor. they have no tutorial of PCB design. regardless DC to expediton or dxdesign to expedition. so you must learn it by you