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I have only worked with STIL patterns, had never generated wgl. Even then we had to convert STIL to a proprietary pattern so that they could be fed into Advantest. Whavever little I know and making an educated guess, the reason might be for operatability with various tools/scripts/software.
MegaTool developed by Hanchi-tech covered all EDA pattern conversion. 1 - MegaVector It is a tool which converts VCD(Value Change Dump) and EVCD (Extended Value Change Dump) file generated by EDA tool into wgl format. 2 - MegaWaver It is a tool which converts wgl(Waveform Generation Language) and STIL(Standard Test Interface (...)
STIL format : IEEE 1450 - Standard Test Interface Language (STIL) wgl format : Edaboard discussion - wgl TDL :
Hi, Our testing engineer told me he can not convert the wgl due to the MUXClock mode in my at-speed ATPG patterns. I checked UserGuide and it seems by creating "_fast_WFT_" waveform format and then using it in capture_CLK procedure can fix it. But I always get syntax errors, such as "miscounted items". Anyone has the experience on it? Thanks
if in netlist no these ports exist, so spf do not include them, then wgl shall not include them
In the design, there are some logic to test PHY, so I use simulation to generate VCD file to generate stimulus and get results for tester. But test house want to get wgl format. I have Encounter Test tool to generate FULLSCAN test pattern file (wgl format), how to translate VCD file to wgl file ???
Hi Rohit, What u have to do is; 1) first you save the internal patterns in .wgl format (I think u r looking for this format). This you have to do during the pattern generation time. Command: cmd1) set patterns internal cmd2) run atpg cmd3) write patterns (...)
I need some experienced hints as to how generate wgl formatted vectors from VCD vectors (that latter was generated from a functional NC-Sim simulation) ? Notes: 1. I have acces to both Synopsys 'TetraMax' and Mentor DFTAdvisor (+FastScan), but have no practical experience with neither tool. 2. I try 'set patterns external' (in TetraMax CMD com
TDL generation is generate the Test vectors or Test Patterns to validate the test logic. There are different formats to generate the patterns i.e TDL format(Texas Instrruments), wgl format(general). Tetramax and Fastscan can generate the TDL format patterns. This is answer for u r question.
After ATPG , DFT tools will generate some format pattern , and we generate wgl format pattern , before we just use the testbench generat by ATPG tools , now we heard someone use wgl or some other format pattern to run , and i want to know which tools can do this or how to deal with it . Thanks.
Shailesh: Which format to output from ATPG depends upon your target tester, and the translation software available to convert it to the ATE's native format. wgl is fairly popular, because it's the older of the formats. STIL is newer, and also very much accepted (most all ATPG tools will output both wgl (...)
VCD file will be converted to wgl format by tools (ex:Mentor DFT tool), the DFT tool takes wgl file and does a pattern classification which can verify functionality after manufaturing of ASIC. The tool checks whether this same functional vectors can be used for stuck at fault detectiona and does necessary pattern generation and (...)
Can't you write a simple python or perl script to do that for you? ( Anyhow I do not know what is wgl format at all but I think this should be a solution. )
Here is the wgl format documentation. Thnaks, Moez
Can anybody tell me how to generate wgl format for test machine ?