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Hi I have a Hantek 6022BL PC USB oscilloscope which I would like to use on linux. Hantek does not provide linux solutions but I found a wiki which refferes to openhantek. However, openhantek was last updated in 2011 which is a bit old. Are there other known wa
Hi. I have read this article which suggest the use of a passive probe with attenuation for measuring signals above +20dBm. The equivalent circuit of the probe is
which opamp to be used for differential oscilloscope probe??? Should I use fully differential opamp??
which exponential time constants do you see? Are you sure the behavior is outside specifications? Also, is your oscilloscope probe correctly compensated?
When i to probe at output of second stage amplifier, a noise with 0.5Hz is seen which is causing false detection Just to check: Is that failure occurring just after probing the output with the oscilloscope ? Did you try see the waveform with another instrument, but powered with battery instead from ma
Hello, I have found this little oscilloscope project (URL) that uses a single A/D converter connected directly to the LPT port. It uses one pin of the port as an EXT trigger, which is desirable in my application. The author notified me that it can display signals up to 30-40KHz or so. 1. I wonder, what is the thing that limits the display of signa
I think I have to define two trigger points, one for start sampling and one for stop sampling data No. The most simple trigger setup uses a single trigger condition which stops data recording, showing a data window according to the defined trigger position. Quite similar to the operation of a digital storage oscilloscope.
Hello, because of space limitation, I want to buy a USB oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. My main interest is at HF work, so 30MHz analogue bandwidth at least. a 100-200MHz would be better so as to be able to measure harmonics as well. which ones would you suggest for: 100-200MHz analogue bandwidth. scope combined with spectrum analyzer usb2 d
If I connect a highly inductive machine to the grid power or an AC power supply, will it really affect the phase between the supply voltage and current? So If I check the supply voltage and current by an oscilloscope, I can see the phase difference? I know there are many applications which need to check the supply zero crossing point, if the
Please describe what traces 1 and 2 are on your oscilloscope picture. The waveforms look completely wrong but without knowing which signals they are, what data is being shown and the time scale it isn't possible to make a good diagnosis. Brian.
When I connect the ground of the probe to a different reference ground I see an small increase of the current consumption. which current consumption? There should be no problem if the probed circuit is actually isolated. A SMPS has usually "Y" capacitors between primary and secondary, a 50 Hz and possible switch frequent current
Dear All, Does anybody have the Service manual for LeCroy WaveSurfer 454? I just got this oscilloscope from a auction and the main AC entry board is missing inside it. But, there are some couple of connectors inside which are folded during manufacturing and also there is a cut-out which is closed and is marked as "19V-25V 7A" Max. I (...)
I have set up a PWM which is working before and has been tested to be able to change its duty cycle. But after adding in other peripherals it does not work and generate the signal anymore. Is there a reason why this is happening and what should be checked to find the problem? Obviou
A perfectly balanced probe is flat response. Any imbalance in R ratio or C ratio results in a 1st error response. Any additional filtering will be 2nd or higher and likely have ringing unless overdamped. -even if the probe is perfectly balanced, any N>1 order LPF will have ringing unless critically damped. (butterworth) which is unlikely if it is
When troubleshooting TV's and Arcade monitors where do I put my oscilloscope ground onto? Do I use the isolation transformers ground , the monitors chassis ground or the The isolation transformer is for the monitor But there is also a line transformer. TV repair technicians don't use the oscilloscopes safety ground on the AC plug when
Hi all; Please i need a very good clarification in regards to the maximum input voltage of an osscilloscope. i just bought one the Rigol1074z which came with the Rigol 2200 probe. the datasheet says at 10x maximum input voltage is 300ACV but i am not really cleared about this if it is RMS, Peak or peak to peak voltage. so i tried mailing
Is there a simple way to wire in an LED that will light up if the output voltage is over 1V RMS? The LED with visible color that has the lowest voltage drop is the RED, whose value is ~ 1,63Vdc which is a little above the value of 1Vrms
If this is for calibrating a home made CRO for the first time, you need a good reference for your voltage and time. For voltage a DVM should do, for time, the 50 HZ from the mains will do for the lower time base speeds. Then you need some sort of oscillator which is calibrated, or a very good way would be to use a high frequency crystal oscillator
Decapitary, Do you want to use Visual Basic to interact through USB with a board? You need to provide more details, e.g., which Visual Basic version do you want to use. is completely different than VB 6. Can you provide more details about your requirements? VB 2012 I want to enter digital numbers from
I install the context menu, so when I open the folder, I send to > Virustotal. If the hash is found, result is instant, otherwise queued up for < 1 minute. Locate the Desktop App which adds the context menu for explorer