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why fab provides separate .lib for ocv even-though it has .lib for corner analysis? ie, only derating factors(early and late) for clock path timing and data path timing is only specified in this .lib right? so why don't they try to mix it with .lib for corner analysis(resulting in a .lib with more number of timing values for each cells, (...)
Hi all !! what is CRPR? I have a basic doubt of why CRPR is is a problem in On Chip variation (ocv) where we take two different corners (i,e fast and slow path delays) actually this can be a true scenario right?? why do we need to remove it? and what do they mean by reconvergence Pls clr my doubts Thanks in advance
Most accurate : setup and hold in each corner:separate calculated ocv libraries set_operating_conditions -analysis_type on_chip_variation -max_lib WORST_LIB -max WORST_OC -min_lib WORST_LIB_ocv_min -min WORST_ocv_min why is it the Most accurate ocv set? If chip worked at best operation (...)
Can anyone tell the basic definition of Uncertanity & ocv? What is the difference between them? why they play an important role? If you've any documents on these topics, please upload it here. Thanks in advance.
I think , u applied derate on clocks after CTS?.. considering ocv factors.. why dont u apply data,clock derate early in flow in addition to ocv derate.
TSMC just suggest set ocv derate to clock path (capture clock for setup, launch clock for hold), not adding to data path. why not consider data path?
How do we arrive at slew , derate values .I mean based on what slew limit are derates values are decided ?R they depends on technology nodes ? When clock gating helps in minimizing temperature then y we not consider clockgating helpful in minimizing leakage ? What r the factors that affect jitter ? why slew target should be met ? W
Hi, In our flow, we get an sdc from the frontend team and subsequently get additional margins. 1. My query is why does the SDC not have all the constraints in one file. 2. What is the concept of Deration(Setup/Hold) that needs to be applied? 3. What is ocv ? Again why is this included separately? I am a backend person, so can you let me (...)
Very helpful Viju , but I have a question regarding what you wrote : What is ocv, and why buffers increase ocv ? Thanks very much.
why is ocv set only for Hold and not for the setup ?