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hi, im using my Fujitsu Laptop to Access various Network hardware. for Example Base Station Radios,Indoor Units , Switches and many 3G and wimax Base station hardwares via Ethernet Port. But For Eclips INU,I Cannot Access it. its says NETWORK CABLE UNPLUG. No Problem with used cables and Connectors. So why is it. Please help me.
Hi, Where do we use OFDM in wimax..? In spec ,mentioned is qam OR QPSK... If you search for OFDM in google..they say it is used in wimax ..but where exactly? Help..!!!
Hi all, I am kind of new to OFDM architecture. So, why do ppl use IFFT at tx? I tried with FFT at tx on a simulation platform, it seems to work. The only difference between IFFT and FFT is in the phase. Is it? Or am I just plain dumb? Can suggest good materials to explain this? Regards.