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hi...i want to design a patch antenna with 12% bandwidth and 120 degree far i ve achieved 115 degree beamwidth and 8.8% bandwidth with meander line element on a rtduroid substrate (er=2.2) n i have also introduced an airgap of 25.4mm between ground and substrate..freq of operation is L band how can i improve my bandwidth without redu
My first thought is how much gain and how wide (beamwidth)? As gain increases, beamwidth decreases (assuming constant efficiency). The world is still looking for an omni-directional antenna with 10 dBi of gain. Now, if we could do that the energy problems would be solved. Have you asked SJ what they are designing and how it performs?
for a phased array u need an antenna which has wide beamwidth and bandwidth for scanning over a wide frequency patch will also do provided u get above mentioned parameters
can any body send me some papers on cavity backed patch antennas with wide bandwidth and wide beamwidth asap
other very interest atricle who I recomended is: Design of wide-Band Aperture-Stacked Patch Microstrip Antennas S. D. Targonski, R. B. Waterhouse, Member, IEEE, and D. M. Pozar, Fellow, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION, VOL. 46, NO. 9, SEPTEMBER 1998
its a very good antenna to obtain wide bandwidth in terms of wide beamwidth more than 120deg
A cpw fed double slot antenna can provide narrower beamwidth than a signle slot. Usually slot antenna are not designed for wide bandwidth. For wide bandwidth, spiral antenna or log periodic antenna are better choices.
Hi anybody knows of wide beam antenna coupling, the -3dB beamwidth is 90 deg. And one is transmitting antenna,the other is receive antenna, the work frequency is in the millimeter wave scope, the distance between them is about 20λ. Please tell me how to deal with this task ?and if this project can acted as a PH.D project? Thanks in advan