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I have no idea on specifics of LED and associated Layout. In general : 1. widen the wires if possible . 2. In case there are multiple metal layers - between layers in case you have VIA - increase the number of Via-counts in parallel, that will reduce parasitic resistance.
hiiii I want to ask something Do you design your Antenna to operates in 440 MHz and 800 MHz or the second frequency is the second harmonics of the first mode??? aslo you can widen the bandwidth by Using Finite Ground Plane thanks
Hest, This circuit is a simple one. Why don't you try it out on a breadboard to test this out? I agree with betwixt's suggestions to make the PCB perform better as his suggestions improve EMI, decoupling and grounding. 1 more thing. I suggest you widen the trace width of the VDD, so it works better (lower resistance, hence lower IR drop on your
For static IR .. you can even widen the metal if there is room for doing so..
Hi, anyone knows how to widen the width of a reset signal in phase/frequency detector in PLL? I tried by adding a capacitor but the value of this cap needs to be very large. Therefore I am looking for alternative way to do it.
hello i wer working in dis earlier but not now........ can u widen ur question..........?
I think this depends on the application. Usually widen clock wire and double space to other signals is enough for digital circuit not very high speed. But for some analog parts, shield may be prefered.
actually this is the DFM requirement. it is especially important for the YIELD. you can fill dummy metel or widen your power bus to fix it.
Hi, I have simulated a PIFA for 900 and 1800 MHz GSM bands. The simulation has been carried out in Agilent ADS2005A. I want to widen the bandwidth. Can anyone, who has some knowledge of PIFAs and ADS, have a look on the project files (*.zip) attached herewith and modify the design? OR can anyone send me his/her PIFA design simulated in ADS? M
Between source node and ground,there is a network constructed by an inductor in series with a capacitor.If the inductor-capacitor network has a resonance frequency in operation band, it can supress the outband gain,improve the stability and widen the operation band。 Is it possible?
Hi, I have simulated a single band PIFA for GSM 900 applications. The center frequency is well coinciding with 925 MHz but the bandwidth is to small. |S11| is around -20 dB. How can I widen the bandwidth? I'm using Agilent ADS2005A momentum. Your guidance is appreciated in this regard...
That works great, if you don't mind the jitter in your output duty cycle. As an alternative to overflow logic, you could directly output the accumulator's most significant bit. You would also need to divide the increment value by 2, or widen the accumulator by one bit.
I have some basic questions: 1) why do not the raindrops collapse together? 2) why does not an electron beam or ion beam widen quickly? 3) which way is better ant colony optimization or bee swarm optimization? 4) can we model electrons with liquid as electron see and apply the liquid mechanics to them? 5) can we use phonons to make some proc
I have a PLL working very well with tt (typical) transistors but not with ss (slow pmos slow nmos) transistors. Well what would you suggest? widen the transistors for speed up? I don't have an idea what to do when ss simulation fails..?
i am intrested in these subjects actually but the problem is that the information about these tecnolgies are considerd to be confident by Motorola so i hope any tell me is there is any difference between these tecnolgies and if there is what is the mosy important about it
You can widen and extend the poly to surround the contact without changing the mos.
Usually for a design, we use th nondefault rule to do what? I only know I can use the nondefault rule to wider the wire. Is it useful to improve the speed of the circuit, if I widen the clock wire? Also at which step to do it? after routing? if after routing, after define my own nodefault rule LEF &DEF file and import them and then rout again? is
The problem is routing the transmission lines around to connect to the resistors. One problem with the multiple quarter wave length lines of constant impedance is the narrow bandwidth. You are better off cascading different impedance lines to widen the bandwidth.
thx i already have some idea about it. so, can we make a conclusion that "Output ALA Width >20" is say that the layer is acceptable when its width is larger than 20? It usually indicates that layer shapes widen than 20 are not allowed. This may be due to stress concern. saveDerived(geomSize(wala1 10.001) "Output ALA Wi
Thank you mogwai I work on only one frequency, I succeeded in having Gain pattern in rectangular plot , but theta between (-76, +76 deg) how to return it (-180, +180) deg. I did not find how to widen theta. Another thing, I have two graphs: phi 0 deg and phi 90 deg: I want only one (phi 0deg) . I want to have a table for transported the