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Using parallel port OCdemon wiggler to program DSP-56F807 Parallel Port settings: EPP and 378h Dell PC win XP pro (intel core duo) running flash_over_jtag.exe in win 95 compatibility mode C:\FOJ\foj.exe -page C:\FOJ\flash807.cfg "C:\Programming\Manu Board Files\CANBootFlash-20080918.elf.S" pause throw error: command conveter not
Thank you. I googled out a jtag which is parallel to 20 pin jtag cable .link And this thing can be hand made using a parallel port(DB_25) and 74HC244 IC and a few R-c-led components. Can such a thing be used as jtag for stm32-h107 target programming?. and what kind o
can anybody help me to search out a GDB plug in for Real View debugger for ARM so than i can connect to hardware using open OCD and wiggler looking forward to yor most valuable help thanx in advance dear frnds cynthiyaa
Hi, I am going to build a JTAG wiggler. The schematic I will use can be found one called buffered cable, wiggler. However, the question is how to connect this to the ARM cpu? I will use an Atmel AT91SAM device. The TMS,TCK,TDI and TDO signals is obvious, but what a
Please tell how to use the JTAG PORT (only JTAG not EJTAG). I am trying to use the only the system controller of the IDT but the wiggler (same used for the ARM7)does enter into the debug mode after connection establishment. What must be the pinouts for the JTAG? Is there any hardware pin to be used to go to the debug mode(as such RTCK in the
Have used it and for the price -- free, is very good. Supports the wiggler interface for debugging and programming, they also include a wiggler interface with their own hardware board - columbus They also have examples of Mass storage and CDC (Virtual Comm Port) which ST have not even done yet - but you have to reques
what kind of tools would i need to start with this hardware? I am looking for something to run uClinux on the NIOS Processor and use some configurable logic for I/O. Do I need a programmer and a jtag? (Parallel port ByteblasterII schematics can be found somewhere ;-), Is the Macraigor wiggler JTAG usable for the NIOS or do I need an dedicated
Salam, I have installed CrossWorks v1.4 as ARM C compiler. My hardware consist of MCB2100 Evaluation board Connected to wiggler debugger interface. I can compile my codes and program the ARM LPC2138 fine. Running and stoping the code is working too. But my problem is in the debugging. Only the breakspoint work fine, The other debuggin
is necessary a specific hardware interface to use xjtag? If yes where we can find schematic? ..... 6. Support wiggler .....
1. Support RDI 2. Support 2 hardware breakpts or infinite software breakpts 3. Support ARM/THUMB 4. Support little endian and big endian 5. Support semihosting 6. Support wiggler, SDTJTAG or user defined interface Current version is beta 0.1. It supports ARM7 mcu only. On later version, I will upgrade it to suuprt ARM9 mcu. I tested it
Someone knows how to build own parallel port BDM compatible cable for MPC855 CPU to be used with ocdemon flash programmer? There are wiggler JTAG schematics spread all over thos forum but not for BDM.
@mopengfei it depends on the device you want to connect to the PC. Example_parallel: If you want to set up an JTAG Interface to some microcontroller device, then there is an easy and cheap (but not very fast) interface definition available (a so called "wiggler" interface. The term "not very fast" is not depending on the parallel interface it
Simplest ARM ICE is wiggler: w
For JTAG dongle look simple wiggler: and free OCD Commander (Windows and Linux)