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Ifneq ($(strip$(wildcard$(makefile_define))),) Include $(makefile_define) Endif What is this having a meaning?
Hi all, I am compiling a file and I am getting the following error - syntax error - illegal use of SystemVerilog keyword 'wildcard' at current location. The code snippet is - a1_covergrp : cross mode_1, mode_2, mode_3 iff (---) { wildcard ignore_bins b1 = binsof (mode_3) intersect {4'b0???}; } Any help will be useful.
when i used LVS BOX cmdline to define black box cells, i found that the wildcards both ? and * can not take effect, those are my lines: LVS BOX "testcell*" the reason of using wildcard is that the testcell is a layout pcell, when doing LVS, this cell shown as testcell$$16040232, and when parameters of the cell changed, the number
Hi Falcon, Use wild card entry as lostinxlation suggested...but using wildcard entries can sometime lead to performance do prefer the second option and remove for the cells you need. cheers,
Hi, I have block level dc constraints. I need to port them to top level. Can anybody let me know if I can use some kind of wildcards to do that ? Ex: Block level constraint : Right now I am doing top level constraint by replacing this with the following /top/blocka/clka Is there any wildcard that I can directly add to block le
"::" works as followings in Agilent ADS Measurement Expression. (1) Sequence Operator (2) wildcard Operator See In your case, "::" works as Sequence Operator. S1::2, 1::2 mean
WHAT IS MEANT by 1-polymophism 2- wildcard 3- virtual task
Output state wouldn't be set through a weak-pull resistor, this has an effect only for input or bidir pins (also open-drain, of course). Weak pull-up can be enabled in Pin Planner tool (with newer Quartus versions) or in assignment editor, also for group of pins with wildcard pingroup* syntax. As nearly everything you may need to know
Please explain me the method of finding Wild card mask
Hi, Has anyone of you tried to access the host software functions in Annapolis wcapi.dll (for their wildcard) from Visual Basic? It is supposed to be used with VC/VC++ but using standard VB Declares its functions should be callable from VB: Public Declare Function WC_Open Lib "c:\wcapi.dll" (ByVal device As Long, ByVal flags As Long) As Lo