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IEEE Standard Dictionary of Electical and Electronic Terms. Publisher: The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc Distributed by: wiley-interscience, a division of John wiley and Sons, Inc. I have the third edition. As far as I know, it is still being updated regularly.
Dear frnds, i got to learn about one microstrip antenna with cp and broadband operation... here is the problem scheme... the paper name: A design method of circularly polarized rectangular microstrip antenna by one-point feed found in i could not downloa
hi. I need an article from "International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications" J. D. Rhodes and A. S. Alseyab, “The generalized Chebychev low pass prototype filter,” Int. J. Circuit Theory Applicat., vol. 8, pp. 113–125, 1980 thanks a lot:D
Hello all, can anyone send me the following paper, I shall really be thankful to him. I am giving the link below the topic. SURVEY OF PATTERN RECOGNITION by Nils J. Nilsson thank you Best Regard Ahmad
need paper entitled as "Parametric study of novel types of dielectric resonator antennas based on fractal geometry " by Mohammad R. Hajihashemi 1 *, Habibollah Abiri 2 International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer-Aided Engineering Volume 17 Issue 4, Pages 416 - 424 plz h
paper request from this site: - Simplified design and analysis method for a waveguide iris filter or - A Rigorous Field Treatment for Multiport Waveguide Discontinuities thank's
I work on wavegude iris filter and,I found this article : please someone can help me, any doc about waveguide filter, waveguide jonction, mode matching methode, matlab code,...will be so helpful to me thaks
hello everyone, i need this paper from . but i donno how to download that paper Tsutomu Endo, Yonehiko Sunahara, Shinichi Satoh, and Takashi Katagi, ?Resonant Frequency and Radiation Efficiency of Meander Line Antennas?, Electronics and Communications in Japan, Vol. 83, pp. 51-58, 2000.
Tell me please, Where I can find a list of Complete Complementary Codes or Orthogonal Complementary Codes with length more than 256(Processing Gain>512)? I have some references, where Processing Gain = 8...512: 1) 2)
0471520195 Title: Microwave and Wireless Synthesizers: Theory and Design Author: Ulrich L. Rohde Publisher: wiley-interscience Publication Date: 1997-08-11 Number Of Pages: 656 Average Amazon Rating: 3.0 73.0 MB
Detection, Estimation, and Modulation Theory, Part I by Harry L. Van Trees # Paperback: 720 pages # Publisher: wiley-interscience; Reprint edition (September 27, 2001) # Language: English # ISBN: 0471095176 Book Description * Highly readable paperback reprint of one of the great time-tested classics in the field of signal processing * Toget
I need a book Next Generation SDH/SONET: Evolution or Revolution? Huub van Helvoort ISBN: 0-470-09120-7 any one who has access to wiley interscience plz download the chapters of this book for me.
Title: Telecommunication Circuit Design (Second Edition) Author: Patrick D. van der Puije Publisher: wiley-interscience ISBN: 0471415421 Number of Pages: 417 Size: 6.4 MB Password:
In this forum you may find the following book. May this help you! wiley.interscience.Synthesis.of.Arithmetic.Circuits.FPGA.ASIC.and.Embedded.Systems.Mar.2006.eBook
Why dont you refer to ... wiley.interscience.Synthesis.of.Arithmetic.Circuits.FPGA.ASIC.and.Embedded.Systems.Mar.2006.eBook Its available here on this board!
password: ebooksatkoobe
try this book it is uploaded here
A very good book in this topics: "Channel Adaptive Technologies and Cross Layer Designs for Wireless Systems with Multiple Antennas, Theory and Applications", by Vincent K.N. Lau & Yu-Kwong Ricky Kwok, published by wiley-interscience, 2006. Chapter 4: Spacetime Coding and Layered Spacetime Coding for MIMO with Perfect Channel State Informatio
Digital Signal Processing and Applications with the C6713 and C6416 DSK (Topics in Digital Signal Processing) Pass: mirror mirror
Can anyone plz post the link for "Detection, Estimation and Modulation Theory, Part I, by Harry L. Van Trees, wiley-interscience" and its solution manual. Thank you, Regards, karthik