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Hey I wanted to know how to know details of paper published. I mean Name of the author are explicitly mentioned but other details? Also all I could get is IEEE is publisher right? Just like IET? Is it similar that book has an author and publisher( like wiley etc). just for example I saw a paper name of the authors clearly on the top. At the (...)
Dear frnds, i got to learn about one microstrip antenna with cp and broadband operation... here is the problem scheme... the paper name: A design method of circularly polarized rectangular microstrip antenna by one-point feed found in i could not downloa
MIMO handheld antenna design approach using characteristic mode concepts Jonathan Ethier, Eric Lanoue, Derek McNamara Microwave and Optical Technology Letters Volume 50 Issue 7, Pages 1724 - 1727 Published Online: 23 Apr 2008 Copyright ? 2009 wiley Periodicals, Inc., A wiley Company
Recently ,I am studying on cross-coupled filters.I have read a paper " General Coupling Matrix Synthesis Methods for Chebyshev Filtering Functions"But I find it hard to get all the meaning the REFERENCES ,there is a book -M.E Van Valkkeburg,Introduction to Modern Network Synthesis . New York :wiley 1960,I think it may really helpful for I
wiley - Single and Multi-carrier Quadrature Amplitude Modulation / chapter 7 it is all your needs
Hello all, can anyone send me the following paper, I shall really be thankful to him. I am giving the link below the topic. SURVEY OF PATTERN RECOGNITION by Nils J. Nilsson thank you Best Regard Ahmad
need paper entitled as "Parametric study of novel types of dielectric resonator antennas based on fractal geometry " by Mohammad R. Hajihashemi 1 *, Habibollah Abiri 2 International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer-Aided Engineering Volume 17 Issue 4, Pages 416 - 424 plz h
paper request from this site: - Simplified design and analysis method for a waveguide iris filter or - A Rigorous Field Treatment for Multiport Waveguide Discontinuities thank's
Hi there! Take a look at this very interesting paper: Moreover, a book on FSM Design, published this year is the following: Pavlos
hello everyone, i need this paper from . but i donno how to download that paper Tsutomu Endo, Yonehiko Sunahara, Shinichi Satoh, and Takashi Katagi, ?Resonant Frequency and Radiation Efficiency of Meander Line Antennas?, Electronics and Communications in Japan, Vol. 83, pp. 51-58, 2000.
Dear all I want to submit a paper to wiley journal on wireless networks and mobile computing. can any one inform me about a submitted draft format of this journal. is there any difference with IEEE draft formats? if you have a submitted draft of this journal, please send to me. Regards
Does anyone has a pdf of original Shot noise paper by Schottky-: AU: W. Schottky TI: Über spontane Stromschwankungen in verschiedenen Elektrizitätsleitern SO: Annalen der Physik VL: 362 NO: 23 PG: 541-567 YR: 1918 CP: Copyright ? 1918 wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim ON: 1521-3889 PN: 0003-3804 AD: Charlottenburg DOI: 10.100
Hi, Excellent book on Coplanar Circuits: Coplanar Waveguide Circuits, Components, and Systems By: RaineeN. Simons, wiley Interscience Contents: 1 Introduction 1 1.1 Advantages of Coplanar Waveguide Circuits 1 1.1.1 Design 1 1.1.2 Manufacturing 2 1.1.3 Performance 2 1.2 Types of Coplanar Waveguides 3 1.3 Software Tools for Co