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Hi Dan, I didnt check it yet, but Artek has it possibly too_their are mostly some cheaper. Otherwise you should/can ask Singer in Germany and check "sprotl
Hello, The display from my wiltron has stoppend functioning. Anyon has a service manual where I can find the exact type of display in the generator? Or a place to order it? Or any other suggestions? Thanks a lot. Best Regards, Herman Dekker
My 6747b boots then displays error 5.(possible firmware fault). Does anyone have a service manual for this unit or schematic for the processor board.
wiltron 560A with a reflectometer can be picked up used on ebay for maybe $300. You need to hook it up to a sweeper, but you can get a cheap HP or wiltron one for maybe another $500. HP 8757a is a step up, but a little more expensive, especially for the reflectometer head. These things are known as "scalar network analyzers" reflectometer
Hi, i am searching for the Manual with schematic for the wiltron 610D Sweeper. Who can help me? Thanks for answer Guenter
My wiltron 6747B do not function on frequency lower that 2 GHz. I am looking for tip how to repair, or the service manual. Thanks/Goran
I have an old wiltron 6647A sweeper. Eproms had loss its program. I need eproms files. Thanks in advance.
If anyone is interested: there is a special Yahoo group for wiltron Anritsu devices:
Hello! I have got some documentation about the Anritsu wiltron 360 vector network analyzer. This includes operation manual, GPIB programming manual and others. If someone is interested I can upload it here. This piece of information is hard to find. CU
Hello! Anybody out here who is using Anritsu wiltron 54xxA series scalar network analyzer? Could be 5407A, 5409A, 5411A, 5417A or something similar. There had once been a PC program that has done TDR measurement via the IEEE 488 / GPIB bus. The program was locked with a dongle. I was able to find a dongle, but not the program itself. Is here
Has anybody instruction (manual) for this network analyzer??