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Hello members, Am working on Mobile wimax performances using advanced design system (ADS) simulator, but am not getting right somewhere. After I've finished running the simulation, I choose my plots (trace plots, plot types and options etc), then click "ok". It gives to me an empty display (empty plot). I've searched all through, but to no avail
Hello members, am using Agilent ADS software to carry out performance studies on Mobile wimax (802.16e). My studies are based centrally upon the performance of Mobile wimax and on its use of Multiple Antenna Adaptive Systems channels to improve network coverage, increase throughput and decrease the bit or pack
Hey guys, I am working on my thesis on Video capacity over wimax. I desperately need help on this, planning to use omnet at first but found it very complicated, so now planning to change to opnet. But opnet provides wimax model for 802.16e and I need 802.16d model. Wondering if anyone know where to get (...)
Hi, could anyone tell how wimax signal chain is implemented in MATLAB?
I am doing research on OFDMa networks, but I couldn't understand the justification of some restrictions in the standards (Ieee802.16e-2005), for example: In mobile wimax (IEEE 802.16e) OFDMA-based system with sectorized antenna, when we use PUSC mode, is the DL-permbase is the same as IDcell (Cell-ID)? (...)
Hi I'm looking for some OEM (embedded) solution for wimax 802.16e technology. I want to do device which will be sending and receiving transparent datas from and to digital power meter. Until now our devices were using GSM/GPRS Enfora module for wireless communication. Maybe you know any oem wimax modules? Thanks
Hi , I was trying to find out the timing offset based on pilots ( UL PUSE) in wimax IEEE 802.16e . While calculating the exact time delay ( for certain time shift ) , only for certain shift i am getting the exact answer. The way in which i have calculated as follows pilot at position k : say Z1 pilot at position k+3 say Z2 (...)
Hi, I want to simulate MMSE channel equalisation algorithm for mimo-ofdm system(wimax 802.16e). I will appreciate if anybody can provide me a good doc. or matlab code for this algorithm. This is very crucial for me. thanks, Shameem
Hi, I want to simulate the channel coefficients in mimo-ofdm system (wimax 802.16e). If anybody has a good document about channel modeling for wimax system, please upload here. A piece of matlab code will be great. thanks Shameem
What is the meaning of oversampling in OFDM in Mobile wimax IEEE802.16e? Please tell me in details its benefits? and which blocks perform it in PHY layer? Another Questions about Mobile wimax: 1-Subchannelization in Mobile wimax , Is it performed in PHY or MAC layer? 2-Adapive coding and modulation (...)
Hi We have developed a model for wimax 802.16e on matlab using floating point implementation. Now we need to migrate this model to modelsim in order to automate it's implementation on TI DSP using real time workbench Is it Possible? What's the constrains? Salam Hossam Alzomor www(.)i-g(.)org
Hi, In this page, give ur details as "others" and u can download the wimax standard. -Jeeva
1) IIRC, CDMA2000 and 3G are two very different standards though both of them are based on Direct Sequence Spread spectrum, they have different specifications. 2) Where did you get the idea that wimax uses 900MHz? As far as I know the two major profiles are 2.3Ghz and 2.5Ghz with 3.x Ghz etc. wimax 802.16e-2005 is only (...)
Hi guyz / galz, can anyone helpme with information and solution about using Matlab to implement a wimax scheduler for QoS provisioning? Or where i can get codes for proportional fairness scheduling algorithm using matlab. Thanks in anticipation:!::D
I need Ethereal/Wireshark Traces of wimax 802.16e PHY-SAP Interface Messages. Please help me by providing the same. (my email-
For wimax 802.16e OFDMA PHY can anyone explain how to puncture the parity bits of the 1/3 rate CTC encoder after sub-block interleaving and grouping to get the desired code rate? I may have missed it but there doesn't seem to be a puncturing vector specified for this in the spec.
wimax is similar to WLAN. If you are familar with WLAN, wimax will not be strange to you. For MAC and PHY, wimax deploys OFDM 802.16d and OFDMA 802.16e with changeable CP ,subcarriers and BW. WLAN deploys OFDM with fix CP, subcarriers and BW. For RF, they are almost the same except the (...)
Does any one have a copy of the wimax IEEE 802.16e Corrigendum 2 D3 ? Thanks
The attached chapter 2 of the book: "Fundamentals of wimax: Understanding Broadband Wireless Networking," is very good summary of wimax
We just released a chipset for wimax and there are a few potential customers on the line. Myself I am very skeptical in the full success of this system especially of the mobile one, 802.16e. I mean full success, to work at specified throughput in a live network, otherwise there are many other proved systems working fine at lower speed. (...)