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hi finally i finish my simulation and fabrication of dual band microstrip antenna for wimax application my question is how to compare S11 plot of hfss (simulation ) and S11 of vector analyzer (measured ) on the same graph or plot.
hi every body during my thesis i did my simulation for wimax dualband microstrip antenna with hfss... and i get my goals 2.5 and 5 ghz but the problem appears during fabrication where other bands appears and the desired band dont appear for example i get 1.7 3.4 and 5.15ghz plz tell me the problem.
hello every one i finish my design for wimax dual band microstrip antenna on hfss ...because of the hfss version is cracked one...and i have licensed version of AWR (Microwave office)...i am looking for a way to transfer or copy this design from hfss to AWR. thanks alot.
sir i design a multiband microstrip H-shaped antenna using hfss for DCS, wimax and WLAN application. I get three desired frequency which are 1.8268 GHz, 2.6352 GHz and 5.284 GHz. the gain at 1.8268 GHz is come negative -9 dBi GHz. How can correct the gain at this frequency.
hi every one: i have 2l microstrip antenna for wimax technology designed by gives some value for s11 about -3.5 db it is less than what i am expected ...but my problem whenever i do any changes to my design the s11 curve shape like curve...(however in the beginning it give notch)..there is no notch at specific frequency after make modif
hi every one... i am new user of hfss ....i am working on hfss 15 ...i am working on my thesis to design wimax microstrip antenna but i couldn't get any good result ...s11 is 0 - 2 db and return loss 75 db it is so bad and nothing... is this caused by waveport dimensions or another issue like there is the (...)
I want to design Planar shape antenna for wimax application (frequency will vary from 3-5 ghz ) and i am using coaxial probe feed technique using hfss simulator.i want give the slots such as upper case letters and i want that each letter must work for one specific it possible to design such type of antennas on
I am trying to figure out how to design an ECA-Patch antenna for wimax part of a FINAL design project in hfss. I've designed linearly polarized rectangular patches, and circularly polarized square patches and arrays but never any upper case letter shape. What is a good starting place to find design methodology. I couldn't find much from (...)
rehaninnocent 3.5 GHz is the wimax service frequency. it's very easy to see wimax antenna designs at papers. For example, IEEE have very helpful papers.
I want to design wimax patch antenna Want sopme good idea of dual slant linear polarization (+45 and -45) . can anyone help thanks in advance
hello every one , im very new and it is first time to me designing antenna using hfss , i had design array for wimax at frequency 2.45-2.6 GHz , the result it is unaccepted bcs of side and back loops of radiation pattern so big nearly to main loop at frequency 2.4 Ghz , so i no know maybe the slection of substrate is wrong of ground plane is (...)
Hello Everybody, My Name is Abdelmoniem Mowafak El-Assar, Student at the AAST, Last year, and this subject is my Grad Project. Actually um having some troubles that i wanna share with u. 1st I've just finished my program for Designing Microstrip antenna knowing only f ( the desired frequency) & (er & height) for the dielectric material us
Hello everyone ! I need to use hfss for the wimax antenna simulation. When I am drawing some layput in hfss, I discover that it is inconvenient to draw some shapes in hfss....... So, I maybe use AutoCAD 2006 to draw some some pattern and then use hfss import them directly for the (...)
hey.......i am to design a multi band base station antenna that could resonate at different frequencies like gsm, cdma, umts and wimax.....i have decided to make a dipole patch antenna to achieve a frequency band of 2-4 now i need some guidance for its simulation over hfss tool.....and would i be able to come up with the (...)
Hello i need help relating smart antenna. i am simulation smart antenna for a wimax system. i f any one has matlab codes for smart antenna simulation or simulation in hfss please reply. Thankyou