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I need to design base station antenna for wimax at 3.5 GHz. i need help regarding its design how to work it??
hello guys , I want to implement the mobile wimax physical layer via matlab/simulink I know which block that I have to use but I have some problems with unclear specifications .For example to test it at least how many bit I have to generate and if sb see the fixed example in simulink according to what the minumum bit period change in binary (...)
i m doing my final year project in mobile wimax using ofdma systems... anybody help me in matlab code for ranging process in wimax-ofdma??
Hi Everybody, I'm doing my final thesis and I need some information about wimax simulation in Opnet 14.5, Plesase, could you please send me some simple scenarios (2 wk & 1 BS) with all kind of details. For example Wk1 sent an email to Wk2, what are the parameters to do in aplication and profile, etc... if i have to assign IP address in the net o
does anyone have examples or tutorial for wimax using OPNET? Thank you in advance
i simulated wimax using OPNET modeler 14.5 but now i need help to simulate wimax under jamming using opnet modeler plz help me.
I am doing research on OFDMa networks, but I couldn't understand the justification of some restrictions in the standards (Ieee802.16e-2005), for example: In mobile wimax (IEEE 802.16e) OFDMA-based system with sectorized antenna, when we use PUSC mode, is the DL-permbase is the same as IDcell (Cell-ID)? if so, that means DL-permbase is
rehaninnocent 3.5 GHz is the wimax service frequency. it's very easy to see wimax antenna designs at papers. For example, IEEE have very helpful papers.
It is an undergraduate thesis, I meant by hot a topic that is under focus in the market place like LTE, wimax..etc. Can you give me an example for a good system level project?
To whom it may Concern, Hi; We are searching on the security certification of wimax,in this way we encountered some problems and need help to solve them, the below list shows our main concern : 1. Does any security certification exist for product such as handset and any other module? for example does any security certification exist to che
Hi all lovers of wimax, As I see there are many people working on it and in my opinion end to end user system could be very tough to do in prefer to work in locally what I mean that optimize a part of system which has already done. So first thing to do is find a whole system example and partially modify it according to your goals. What do you th
Hello! I want to give a presentation for my Advanced Communication course. I want a hot and new topic in the field like CDMA,UWB,Cognetive Radio,wimax,... but more newer than these and a bit less general and big topic (like spread spectrum or CDMA sth like OFDM for example,....) do you have a better topic than these to offer? Thanks.
Hi, I'm looking for some help in designing power amplifier for wimax. Precisely my question is about stability. Because I have to use Nitronex transistor NPT3015 I was utilizing following datasheet . When I perform small signal stability test (K, B1) I saw that in band 0.1 -5.1 the amplifier is not st
Hi! I need the list of parameters of ieee 802.11a. And one issue which I don't understand that how many users can send the data at the time in WiFi(802.11) or wimax(802.16d)? pls example thanks!
hi, im using my Fujitsu Laptop to Access various Network hardware. for example Base Station Radios,Indoor Units , Switches and many 3G and wimax Base station hardwares via Ethernet Port. But For Eclips INU,I Cannot Access it. its says NETWORK CABLE UNPLUG. No Problem with Used cables and Connectors. So why is it. Please help me.
Hi all When I was doing the frequency synthesizer dimensioning (N-fractional synthesizer) in system level design (wimax standard, 3.4-3.6GHz, 10MHz the channel bandwidth), I found some ambiguity regarding the reference frequency and the division period (T=Fref/channel space), For example how can I choose the Fref? I know that Nfrac=Fout/Fref,
Hi All, I plan to do master degree in Antenna for wimax application. i need your guidance on the list below:- 1) Should i go for mobile or fixed antenna for wimax? 2) What kind of specification and limitation for either both above, for example frequency, size, type of antenna (array, patch, monopole) in order to meet (...)
Thanks to itengineer79 for the valuable document ! For my FYP, this wimax antenna will be installed in a portable device. I think it must be produced in microstrip style. Is there anyone has teh related reference document ? For example, the layout pattern, simulation pattern and the measurement parameters etc. Thanks ! :
hello friend, i think the selection will depend on where u r live. Take me as an example i have the same problem about 3years ago, i live in libya so that the best selection was a communication specially digital communication *wimax, wifi,.....). good luck
Hi, i am doing a 3weeks internship on the QoS of the MAC layer of the wimax network. i am supposed to do some simulations but since downloading some of the simulation software is hard, i'd like to do it on matlab,which i already have installed. Has anyone already done any simulations with the MAC Layer of the wimax and if so, could u please let
2. How the coverage distance can be increased by lowering the frequency used. As an example if we use 700 MHz, the coverage would be more than if we use some 3.5GHz freuency in wimax. Thanks Sidd wimax require a bidirectional communication (uplink and downlink). For the base station (BS) the coverage could be big
Hi, I don't think you can speak about a trend, instead i will be better to identify an application and then choose the kind of amplifier you wil develop. if you are interested in RFIC I think there are a lot of example and choices in wireles market...GSM, wimax.... Then I think you need an idea about the process you can have access and the pdk y
I hope some one can help me with this question: You can find in the ASIC IP Cores market many WLAN and wimax IP Cores for baseband processing. However, you can not (at least I could not) find any company posting the availability of ZigBee baseband IP Core. For example there is not any on the website : Any one
What is the meaning of the term "preamble"? and how does it signify a communication system's frame: for example the wimax subframe starts with two preambles. Whta does this mean
The blocking spec is not in 802.16d. It depend on the usage of the system provider. If you built a wimax module close to a WiFi or Blutooth you will have different specs than for example a outside basestation with CDMA close.