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I need some specification standard of WiFi and wimax bandpass filter such as insertion loss,return loss,out of band, ripple....... How can I find them?
I guess GSM and wimax
Hi, I am working on a wimax project. My jobs is to handle ADC/DAC interface. I am not familiar to Signal Processing. So i need your experiences about filtering. I have search about wimax and decimation a lot. We implement 10 MHz, 1024 FFT wimax system. In our design, analog signal is sampled at 40 MHz. Oversampled by 4 (...)
hey,, i found a journal about design of mems filter for wimax. it uses HFSS simulation. i am very interested in doing this design for my final project. It uses CPW and BAR technology. the BAR is composed of piezoelectric material. The problem is, I am a newbie in HFSS and mems.. Can anyone help me how to simulate S parameter of this filter? (...)
wimax uses 2 Ghz to 11 Ghz
Hi guys Its my final year graduation project I have an idea of desiging a single wimax chip I can manage the digital part " baseband " but what about the air interface that transmits and receives radio waves what kind of design i need to study Analog or RF I think RF, but I have almost no idea about both analog and RF design
Hi Experts In my wimax RF design, I used a low pass filter after power amplifier to remove 2nd and 3rd harmonic. Unfortunately, the LP filter doesn't take effect because it only can filter out 3rd harmonic by 20dB rather than 40dB which the LPF demo board can get. Does any expert know what wrong with my design? Thanks
Any one knows where to find the inexpensive 3.5GHz BPF for wimax receiver? I found a lot of 2.4GHz BPF (small SMT type) for 802.11b/g WLAN applications. and it is very cheap. Is 3.5GHz verion available? or we have to design one ourself?
Hi All I am designing my wimax products. There are 2 balanced SAW filters used in my design. For some reasons, I need to measeure the frequency response of this filter and matching. Unfortunately, I only have two ports Vector Network Analyzer which are not able of measuring the frequency response with 4 ports. Can anyone tell me how (...)
I'd like to design a rf filter for wimax application, but I'm not sure the specification. f0=3.5GHz BW=? S11=? can anyone tell me about it ? thanks