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what does MS/s refers to ? ...thx
Hi all for a specific project I have to stimate how much ram do I need for OFDM modulation and demodulation (wimax) to impliment it on FPGA chip, however I do not know how I can estimate it. I have this information: FFT : 1024 BW: 10Mhz Symbol number: 46: 1- Uplink: 15=12data+3 parity & bit per symbol: 560 2-Downlink: 31 = 28data+3parity & 7
thank you ricksidd, could you give us any book or website containing informations about the calculation of SNR of wimax Many
Hi frnds... i have one doubt regarding subchannelization. As per standard, Read-soloman(RS) coding/decoding is not employed whenever Subchannelizetion occurs.... Can anybody plz explain why it is so????
Note that wimax does not use *only* OFDMA. It could use also BPSK or QPSK if the OFDMA in 256QAM can't (pure and simple) be used...
Could anyone help me on wimax throughput computation? Mobile wimax -- Part I - A Technical Overview and performance Evaluation Page 26 Table 6 I use the equation: Throughput = (Symbol / sec) * Data Sc * ms * mr ms = bits per baud mr = code