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HI all, I am currently doing my final year project and its a simulation based project, the aim of the project is to create an interface to connect wimax base station with WSN using the OPNET 14.5 software. Any ideas guys how to proceed with the project. Thanks, hrishi.
what about the OFDM, CDMA, LTI, wimax, and others, you can google your interest. I am sure you will find many subjects
We are now,me and my group, are facing hard time looking for new ideas for a graduation project Well LTE was mentioned but lets say refused for lack of resources,so all we got to deal with is the genius wimax,but before proceeding,they asked me if there are any good ideas out there? We need something genius enough to (...)
wimax phy design or image processing
I would suggest you to work on latest wireless LAN or wimax Standards.
hi to everyone i m student of final year i want to do my final year proj on wimax anyone can help me? Hello!! I had a friend that worked in wimax on a project. He done the system in C++. But if you don't have problems in working with working in MatLab/Simulink, I suggest you to use the existing OFDM (Orthogonal Frequen
I would like some suugestion that deals with digital designing .......... Dun like analog stuff! I have some wage ideas like USB, firewire, Zegbee, wimax, Bluetooth, Spectrum analyzer, Arbitrary Waveform generator, MP3 player etc. Plz help me out, I couldn't decide what to do with these things??? I need something tough!
DSP Applications in wimax Is probably the Best Choice Added after 5 minutes: Another Hot Topic is DSP Applications in Cognitive Radios & DSP Applications in UWB Any one who researches in the above fields can easily sell his research Added after 1 minutes:
Maybe can do something on wimax as this is the latest technology and I expect this will be popular in the future.
hi all i wanna make my graduation project in the wireless or cellular communication filed i just read alot about each topic and i have undrstanded the idea as a whole and i'm interested in: voip,wifi,wimax,ofdm and various mobile communication systems(GSM,CDMA,UMTS,GPRS) but i just can't come up with an idea or by other words what ca