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I was studying some datasheets from companies that produces transmitters and receivers for wimax/Wifi... and some of them has 2 receivers and 1 transmitter. It's not enough to have 1 receiver and 1 transmitter (or a transceiver) Why they have 2 receivers? There's any special reason for that? Anyone could explain why? Best regards, Canosa
We are developing a wimax 700 UHF transceiver with single 5MHZ channel, we'd studied several papers comparing architectures and reached the conclusion that currently the two most appropriate architecture would be Zero-IF and Low-IF for having best integrability and possess few blocks. We understand that currently the ZIF one architecture is the
Hi, I am designing full transceiver lineup for a wimax...i need help in deciding the link budget (full specs) of the transmitter and receiver.... thanks
dear all is there any way to convert wimax to wifi and vis versa thanks
hi.where can i find the standards for mccdma and for that matter any other standards(wimax and stuff).
is there anybody know the specification of the wimax's power amplifier such as linearity, P1dB, EVM, and so on ?