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Hello All, I am running the wimax BS and MS on a cabled RF environment . In this type of envirnoment, ideally even the instantaneous CINR (in both uplink & downlink) should not vary. But in my case eventhough there is no variation seen in the Downlink, I see variation in the uplink CINR when the traffic flow starts. Till the Traffic flow (...)
Dear most Abdelmoniem, u said GSM 3G working on MHz range.. ummmmm Let me clear it. GSM 900 working on 900 MHz means 0.9 GHz. But its uplink(Mobile Set to BTS) BandWidth(BW) is 890MHz to 915MHz (=25 MHz) So 1st term is operating freq = 0.9 GHz or 900 MHz and 2nd term is BW = 25 MHz for uplink. i share u a graph of Microstrip antenn
dears, in case of using two antennas with different 3 db angles( one is 60 degree and the other is 15 ) in a NLOS technologies ( such as wimax ) , is it necessary that the link budget for the uplink is same as the link budget for the downlink ? specially for " propagation loss " . if there is any books talking about this subject i will be tha
wimax uses 2 Ghz to 11 Ghz
Hi all for a specific project I have to stimate how much ram do I need for OFDM modulation and demodulation (wimax) to impliment it on FPGA chip, however I do not know how I can estimate it. I have this information: FFT : 1024 BW: 10Mhz Symbol number: 46: 1- uplink: 15=12data+3 parity & bit per symbol: 560 2-Downlink: 31 = 28data+3parity & 7
hi all.. can anybody plz explain : What is UIUC and DIUC in Wimx 802.16d?? for what purpose they are useful??
Can somebody enlighten me as to how the capacity has been calculted for wimax when it is said that " A maximum of 35 Mbps is achievable for a 64 QAM over 7 MHz bandwidth. 2. How the coverage distance can be increased by lowering the frequency used. As an example if we use 700 MHz, the coverage would be more than if we use some 3.5GHz freuenc
wimax.but CDMa more secure.
Anybody working on wimax frame structure? I want to build a fram with FUSC and PUSC but the standard IEEE 80.16e is not giving the complete structure of how the frame is built and how the subchannels are allocated to users? From standard I have few doubts - what exactly a burst represents? what are clusters and tiles? If anybody has impleme