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I run Hspice from matlab. I have a program for optimization where I need to run Hspice many times consecutively. After every simulation the pop up window appears And i need to hide the popup windows because that makes the program run slower I read a post that says just putting /min system('C:\synopsys\Hspice_A-2008.03\BIN\hspice -i C:\cascode\cmo
Hi all, I simulate a clock oscillator with hspice using a priopretary MOSFET model (.option scale=0.12u) . The weird thing is that in Hspice X-2005.09 under windows 7 there is no problem at all. However, when I try to simulate the exactly same netlist in Hspice A-2008.03-SP1 under Linux I get the message: **error** reference 0:nfe
Hi, I've installed Altium Designer 14.2.4 on windows server 2008 r2 and it works good but when I want to create new PCB file, it crashes and give a "Information" title box that says "Please wait a moment" forever and also give "access violation error" for Core3D.dll . do you know what is the problem? please help me to solve the problem Thanks
Hello. My HSPICE simulation is doing good but when I click avanwaves to see the waveform, the avanwaves crashes. Is there a solution to my problem? i use windows 8 os. Thanks in advance!
I installed ADS 2008 on windows 8.1, for the license I should use a server and a certain port. Unfortunately, I added the wrong port number, so the ADS doesn't open. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but for some reason, it keeps the same data and never asks to enter the server one more time as the first installation. I tried LMtool to crea
i have recently installed windows server 2008 r2 on a desktop with an intel core i3 2100 cpu 3.1 GHz. The mother board is DH61WW__ prior to formatting the old windows, i had checked the name of the built in network's driver. The name is intel(R) 82579V gigabit network connection. When i searched the intel's site for driver, they have (...)
i would like to know how to make an application to control and stream info from my micro controller. if anyone could give me some useful links and videos on how to make an application, and how to link it to a micro controller (using usb)
Hallo Everyone. I installed CST 2008 version in windows 7 and when i try to begin simulation aee 'matrixcalc.exe ' error appears . Can anyone help ? Thank you
Hallo Everyone. I installed CST 2008 version in windows 7 and when i try to begin simulation aee 'matrixcalc.exe ' error appears . Can anyone help ? Thank you
Hi Everyone... can we install visual studio 2008 and 2012 together in windows 7 ...? Thanks and Regards Sunil.
Hi Everyone, Can anyone please help me to Develop wince 6.0 applications with Visual Studio 2008 for FrendlyARM Mini2440. I installed windows Embedded CE 6.0 on Mini2440. i want to develop a Smart Device Project using Visual Studio 2008, when i selected the Smart Device Project in Visual Studio 2008 it showing (...)
i am using an omap board which supports windows ce in order to do applications on nthe board i need to design applications in the os.i am new to os and dont know where to start please help me
Thanks so much The environment variables settings you mentioned are very helpfull. I tried the 32 bit windows 7 and run OPNET (as adminstrater ), it worked. Thanks again.
Visual C++ 2010 works for windows 7. To work with windows xp you can install vc++2008. Borland C++ builder is a gui based software. you can download demo verision from this link Free Trials | Embarcadero Technologies
Install windows XP on a Mini-Note (USB stick method) - Liliputing Installing windows XP on a Netbook Via USB (Acer Aspire One) - YouTube Installing Win
can anybody upload here for windows servers configuration and troubleshooting materials?Then i need After making the server how can we configure to pc?what are the configuration we need to do on the pc?i need step by step materials.
can anybody give me good tutorials for windows server configuration and troubleshooting?i need to configure windows server to one school.there is 1000 has 3 branches.i need to make remote connection from head school to other branches?how can i do this?pls give me any idea or good manuals.
Probably you did not instal DAQmx drivers - download here: NI-DAQmx 9.3 - windows 7 64 bit/7 x86/Server 2003 R2 (32-bit)/XP x86/Vista x64/Vista x86/Server 2008 R2 (64-bit) - National Instruments
I need the materials about Active directory configuration and windows server 2007 and 2008.if anybody has it pls upload here. regards kmwing
Hi everybody, i'm working on a cypress device on visual studio 2008, OS windows 7. the Cypress module is installed on a digital camera and i'm supposed to acquire a live video stream from that camera. The thing is, i have a test software which does that and work on windows xp, i also have the sources of that soft. But Once i try it on (...)
Hi Guys, I found 2 ports for FreeRTOS. The PC and the Win32 using visual studio 2008 compiler. Can I run the PC port on a windows PC? If so, what is the difference between this port and the Win32 Port? Added after 21 minutes: I have tested the PC port with open watcom it is working. Make sure that COM1 i
Greetings, this is my first post here on edaboard. As it seems, this portal is very advanced, I think, you guys will know, how to help me. I made this IR receiver on my protoboard to test it. I made small modification. I used PIC18F4550 instead of PIC18F2550. I used same .he
I'm using hspice 2008.09, windows version my netlist contains 2 .alter before .end According to the manual, I could split all the 3 cases in to 3 CPU by using -mp such as hspice.exe -i netlist.sp -o -mp BUT, the hspice window appears shortly and closes with nothing done. If I do not use -mp, the 3 cases will done sequencely. Is there an
I can`t updat my CST even with auto update of CST!! I search more and more to find service pack file (.sup) for CST but I`m disappointed. when i run cst simulation in SAR field, it occur a strange problem : "matrixcalc.exe (or matrixcalc_AMD64.exe for 64-bit windows) has ecountered a problem and need to close... please tell Microsoft about this
Hi~ I have windows ADS (2008) installed in my desktop and Linux ADS installed in my department server. (2008 update 1) I simulate exactly the same structure, a LNA. From the ideal component to hspice model, the simulation results from the two versions are the same. But when I replace an inductor model to a s2p instance, using the (...)
i am busy testing windows 7 rc. its the new one after vista, for those who dont know... and so far i quite like it; much prettier and faster than xp... anyway, the im having a problem installing cst studio 2008, and for that matter, hfss 10 aswell. with cst, it goes throught the entire installer and at the end tells me something like "are you su
Hi, You need at least ADS 2008 to do that. After creating your layout you click on "EMDS">"Component">"Create/update". After what you get the layout component into the schematic windows, number of ports are defined in momentum window.
Try Kicad Very good schematic and PCB software. Then click on for a windows install file. Hope this helps!
Hello everyone, I have a computer with a Q8200 (Core 2 quad) and 4GB of RAM and I have windows XP Professional 64-bit installed. When I start a EM simulation in Microwave Office 2008, after a couple of minutes everything just "gets frozen" (no application/program can be started, the simulation does not run) and I have to restart my computer.
ADS 2008A will have support for windows Vista. Older versions are not supported in Vista.
Hi, I tried to install CST Microwave Studio 2006 on windows Vista platform. Everything went fine but at the last step of installation when it says: STARTING SERVICES, the installation roll backs. Could you please advise me some wayout? Cheers...
yeah ADS2006 , will not work on windows vista , it need XP , ADS2008 will support vista i don't know about HFSS khouly
You can create the vista aero effect in vista home basic! go to these links:
The world first software for PCB(printed circuit board) Gerber automatic checking software which can translate Gerber files into standard Specifications fleetly and automatically so as to help users improve the checking efficiency and reduce the cost greatly. Released: 2008-07-02 License: fre
Does anyone know if CST SS 2008 is supposed to work on windows Vista? Thanks.
hi before install setup file please, right click this setup file go properties/compatibility/compatibility mode/ select run compatibility mode for windows xp i hope help to you bye
Hello, If you disable user account control in tour windows control panel, you can install ads 2005 on it.