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Other than OPC server(COM/DCOM), Are there any other technique to log data to PC(windows based) from remote device ?
is a free open source editor (IDE) for C or C++ and uses the free GCC compiler. is a C++ library that lets developers create applications for windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other platforms with a single code base. This will have the plugins for buttons, graphs, etc wiki.codeblocks
Translation: "Hello. We use Red Hat Linux in our lab. What applications can we develop using it? How is it better than Microsoft windows?" That is a very broad question. The question is also very subjective. To be brief and clear, you can do anything with Linux that you can do on windows. There is more that can be said, but I recommend (...)
Your report tells of memory sizes of 25 GB and more. That's sizable. Each line changes by a gigabyte. You might learn more by opening the Task Manager (press Ctrl-Alt-delete, assuming you have windows). Look through your list of applications and processes. See if anything appears out of place. Watch for a runaway process that does things that are
Few emulators:
u have to boot from linux or from windows how it can be possible?
Microchip's Stack & demo files are part of the "Microchip Libraries for applications". They have versions for windows, Linux & Mac. You can download the appropraite version from this page:
Use a power meter (or similar) to measure the power draw by the computer. Measure power draw with different software. For fair comparison minimize background tasks as much as possible. Turn off the antivirus. Close all other open windows and running applications. You could also use software to record the current/power draw. Something like they do
That message "...the system updates..." is linked with some user actions in OS. There is lots of situations, windows update is off and nothing is changed in OS, but that message is show up, even in situations where there is no Internet connection. That state can cause some running application.
That is not a Software Application (program) you can run. It is a framework for another software installed on your computer to function properly (for example windows Media Player). Do not uninstall it.
Hi Everyone, Can anyone please help me to Develop wince 6.0 applications with Visual Studio 2008 for FrendlyARM Mini2440. I installed windows Embedded CE 6.0 on Mini2440. i want to develop a Smart Device Project using Visual Studio 2008, when i selected the Smart Device Project in Visual Studio 2008 it showing following choice in Target
Hello, today i want to introduse my USB HID Host driver for windows. The AHID Library is a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) and can be used with many programming languages. It comes with several example applications for the Visual Studio 2010 (C++, C# and VB). You can download it from here: - USB HID drivers f
While it is true that MPLab does not do analog circuit simulation, it is a complete IDE: Source:MPLAB User Guide DS51519C MPLAB IDE is a windows? Operating System (OS) software program that runs on a PC to develop applications for Microchip microcontrollers and digital signal controllers. It is called an Integrated Development Environment, o
Hi, If you have windows OS, you can use HyperTerminal or any other Serial Terminal Program to send command to GM862 via Serial Port. (you should use this method to ensure your modem, power, sim card and serial cable is OKAY) I have no idea about UBuntu, you should search UBuntu forum for serial interface programs and methods. Look for Serial Emu
hi i am beginner for programming windows. can anyone sujjest me basic books where i can learn to program windows ce
you need to develop a windows application that communicates with the ATMEGA32 mcu either using serial RS 232, USB, wireless or bluetooth. You can develop windows applications using Visual environment, I think it is possible to download the express edition for free from Microsoft. Some open source RAD like Lazarus IDE (suing FreePascal) i
Hi all, I would like to delete a corrupted folder from my PC (3G HSUPA modem software), since my modem is not detecting now while connecting to PC (OS-windows xp). But it is not all able to delete. While trying, system shows "file is in use and not able to delete" Anybody experienced, requested to come up with a solution for the issue.. B
If I remember right, Visual Studio express version doesn't support generic windows applications, thus it doesn't contain windows.h with the include files. Please correct me, if I'm wrong. P.S.: I see, the problem can be solved by installing the platform SDK separately.
hi i need ciruit simulation for desining ciruits .. my os is windows7 plz help me.....
As the name suggests, it uses 32 bit registers (and wide memory space), which already answers your question. windows still provides a 16-Bit subsystem to support old real mode windows and DOS applications. You can e.g. start the good old real mode DOS debugger in a command window and feel like 30 years back in time ...
Definitely Big Xilinx or Quartus projects takes lots of "Hard disk" space... Well If you have to such huge applications you should go for 3 or 4 GB of RAM. If you r using windows 7 it itself required 1GB of RAM... Xilinx recommend a RAM of 2GB for ISE...With 1GB it will be bit Slow... thats why either 3 or 4 GB of RAM will work for you..[COLOR
Hi All, I need to buy a laptop urgently. All of the best laptops I selected are available now with windows 7 only. But I wan't run older applications which were running in windows XP 32 bit & can't take any risks as this will be my primary system. Please let me know how I can proceed further. Is there anyone who are able to use (...)
I had windowsXP installed in my pc. Some files in system32 got corrupted and i couldn't log-in. I formated the system & instead of overwriting on previous installation...i have done a separate installation... The problem now is that the administrator rights were under the first installation which got corrupted....i couldn't access control p
Hi guys -I am trying to receive data from a 20 year old specialist industrial scanner that outputs a signal I just cannot read. I have a proprietary program in windows that reads it perfectly, but I need to recreate this function. I have tried various component in Delphi, and other 3rd party ComSpy style applications, with all kinds of settings
is a software framework developed by Microsoft Framework - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia " for windows (OS) applications, web applications, handheld devices etc. As an example for its programming languages C#.NET, VB.NET,
it may be possible within one application. but systemwide , ie, all windows applications , to behave the sameway as you gave is difficult. srizbf 9thmay2010
hello has any1 migrated questa (6.5) from xp (32-bit) to windows 7 (64-bit) and faced any problem? it seems questa is not able to start, although microsoft says most 32-bit applications should work well.
Check for rootkit's and or viruses! use Sysinternals - autoruns.exe to see what applications and dll's load at startup use an anti-virus, anti-rootkit and anti-spyware to clean your pc, but in my opinion if U have the time reinstall windows. Some free anti-virus apps:
Search for 'WinDiff' It is a file comparer that comes with a lot of Microsoft windows applications. It can compare most types of files and it is free.
I had a lot of problems with the JTAG on my laptop with ISE 10.1 the olny way I could fix it was to have a clean windows installation and then installed ISE and a fez other programs as the only applications. The problem is the USB driver that is not working properly and I have no idea why is that.
If you intend to target windows applications, forget C++, it's a twisted mess of a language. Move on to C#. Different ball game!
i have installed ubuntu. then using help i have installed 'wine'. then i installed download accelerator plus-- a windows application. problem is that the software is not functioning if i want to uninstall it, how can i do that. from where can i find the list of installed windows applications
Hi S/W geeks, Im facing a vague issue with Ubuntu installed in my Laptop (Compaq Presario V2300) Once it completed the installation, NOTHING is visible to operate. Basically I installed the Ubuntu under my XP installation. All the resource creterion were met (Free HDD space, RAM requirement and Speed). Im suspecting its raphic Video drivers. Beca
switch on/off - TV, Radio, Air-cond., Lamp, Fan, PC, lock/unlock doors/windows, Turn on PC, etc.... just walk around your home, look through all things... ask your self, is it controllable/switchable? you'll find hundreds or even thousands of them.. good luck. p/s: sorry for my bad english. -pachinko-
what is the equivalent of orcad Cadence in linux? i mean a complete suite like windows version and what is this ic6 Cadence and how can i get it? is it what i want? and what is the software described in this address
Of course you can read the data using Hyperterminal. I doit all the time, because it saves me the trouble of writing windows applications to talk to my micros. Just make sure the baud rate is set corectly and use only printable ASCII characters, or else you will have a hard time decoding the data.
How do you verify that you are running the 64bit version of HFSS? Look to windows task manager. All 32-bit applications are marked with "*32" note , if not the application is running as a native 64-bit
- install Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (it's free) - install e. g. windows 95. 98 or 2000 or XP as guest operating system - run your 16-bit application
Hi It depends on what application you are buliding. most of basic applications already have drivers in windows and you can just use it. you need to check the USB device classes on and See if your application fall into any of this classes then search for a windows driver for this class and use it Salam Hossam Alzomor (...)
with 32bit, windows will limit the amount of RAM that can be accessed by applications to 2GB. You can increase this up to 3GB by changing the boot.ini file. Search google for /3GB switch to see how to do this.
Can anybody tell me, that how can I execute and run eda tool like cadance , Mentor, Hspice etc on window-xp system from linux sever?
AVR Studio? 4 is the new professional Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for writing and debugging AVR? applications in windows? 9x/NT/2000/XP environments. AVR Studio 4 includes an assembler and a simulator. AVR Studio is a free programm. You can download it from
Please can anyone help get started in windows CE? When I should consider using it? What is needed to start building applications for it? I have downloaded an evaluation copy of windows CE 5 from Microsoft website, how this may help me? Sorry for bothering.
takes advantage of network variables to simplify the process of transferring data between real-time and windows applications.
Hello all, I need a good document, ebook about Xwindows, one that can teach me about X in detail. Any suggestions or links? Thanks in advance.
normally windows applications can not run/be installed on Linux, but you can try to use wine (which is a windows emulator on linux) i am not sure if it will be able to install the office, i have tried it with simple exe files and it ran them
hi all i want to ask a question can i run my windows applications" such exe appz , games , torrent clients , softwares , and other appz" under linux i have suze linux 10 is there a patch or plug in for linux to do that i need my windows programs badly "because i am an engineer and there is a lot of tools on the net but for (...)
can i open linux files in windows or xp...i mean i'm storin some data or smthn while workin in i take a copy of it and open it in some oder comp only wid xp...will i b able to open d file..if not den how can it b done?
I would like to get a bluetooth protocol stack that can work either in linux or in windows with APIs to devolop applications.
OrCAD does not run on Linux. MATLAB does run Linux and Unix. They have seperate CD sets for those though. Wine lets you run some windows software on Linux. But it is difficutl to get working for large applications like OrCAD.