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windows 2003 server terminal clients not getting sound please help all default settings are proper but no result please help me.
Hi all. I have a computer server run firebird server v2.1.3 on windows server 2003. My database size arround 5gb and growing with 100 clients connection every day. I have plan to use linux cluster and migrating my firebird to re-burst performance. Have any body ever try to install & manage firebird (...)
can anybody upload here for windows servers configuration and troubleshooting materials?Then i need After making the server how can we configure to pc?what are the configuration we need to do on the pc?i need step by step materials.
can anybody give me good tutorials for windows server configuration and troubleshooting?i need to configure windows server to one school.there is 1000 has 3 branches.i need to make remote connection from head school to other branches?how can i do this?pls give me any idea or good manuals.
Probably you did not instal DAQmx drivers - download here: NI-DAQmx 9.3 - windows 7 64 bit/7 x86/server 2003 R2 (32-bit)/XP x86/Vista x64/Vista x86/server 2008 R2 (64-bit) - National Instruments
MySQL command line client window vanished after giving the root password.error 2003:Can't connect to , MySQL server on local host<10061>.pls some one help me to rectify this problem.
Exam : IBM 000-025 Title : IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V6.1 Implementation Version : Demo 1. A customer has an Exchange server on a windows 2003 and would like to perform daily backups. It is required that the Exchange server is always available. What is the best solution to achieve this? A. Use NTbackup for Exchange (...)
i waana ask about migration or upgrading from windows server 2000 to server 2003 with keeping the same Active Directory, Usernames, Group Policies .... etc?
Hi, Everybody, I have an IBM x228 Series server ,With 3 Physical Hard Disks; 2 of them Configured as RAID , I installed windows server 2003 standard edition as Booting operating system (NOS) . Its booting is usually normal (the booting time is not long and the login screen appears after this time ) BUT (...)
my probem is that i installed Flexlm tool 10.8 in the server(windows server 2003) and the license file also in this server and in a client PC i installed windows xp and suse 9.1 the windows OS can see the license after put the two environment varibles (...)
Hello everyone , I need to know about windows 2003 server firewall, what is it and how it works I need an explanation , I also would appreciate it if you can provide me with files or e-books about it. Thanks a lot !!
is a stateful packet and application layer inspection firewall, virtual private network and web cache (both forward caching and reverse caching) server which runs on windows 2000 and windows server 2003. ISA server 2004 introduces multi-networking support, integrated virtual private (...)
MCSE is a seven steps far title, u need to finish seven exams to get MCSE, if u r going for MCSE on windows server 2003 u will need to start with 70-270 exam and hince the related study guide must be with u, u should have a clear idea about each exam's number, u may start reviewing this page
DHCP/BOOTP Configuration server on windows 2003 server or linux and clients on xp
I had this problem with HFSS 8.5. It was somehow related to the license server (FLEXLM). I had to reinstall both HFSS and Flexlm, and that had solved the problem. There could be some problem runing the license server on the windows server 2003. :D
Hi Ok, I want to use Win2003 VPN server Can you help me? Or would you mind introducing me a good VPN server in windows. Regards