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I have been using the Gateway / Expert / Guardian / SmartSpice tools, have designed one analog product and some test chips with it. I am using the windows version because it has better support for most of the point tools (exception being, TCAD is better off with Linux version). I used cadence since they (...)
Thanks. I will install CentOS on VirtualBox in windows and then install Virtuoso on CentOS.
Do we get a demo version of PSpice for 64 bit system with windows 7
Most of the analog simulators are available only in linux. Heard of a simulator called simetrix which works under windows but not sure how good the tool is.
To my knowledge cadence has no plan to move onto windows platform.
gEDA, QUCS ,... you can check "scientific fedora" for its applications all free an free (open source) for complete suit like windows version you can use cadence suit but Linux version:
hi i request cadence ic for windows. thanks
NCsim was released for windows long long back. i think the last version was 5.4 which was released in 2003. hock
it is under linux or unix , no windows version for AMS of cadence khouly
There is no windows version of cadence Virtuoso. I am a new comer now i have learned something about Layout i want to get one software to draw some layout on my pc someone on the net said cadence virtuoso is very useful but where can i get it can it run on my pc with windows xp system? (...)
try to use windows version simulators, they are good too and easy to install. not necessary to install linux things for personal use, not worth.
cadence ic5141 is involved simulator and full custom IC layout and I don't think Mentor Graphics has the similar tool on windows platform. Mentor Graphics' IC station and Eldo are only for Unix/Linux version.
cadence spb has windows and linux verion, is the linux version used for IC layout?
There was some talk about porting icfb 4.3.x to windows NT some years ago. But only 4.4 and 5.x is ported to Linux. Beside some installation issues with tar releases, non-us keyboard issues and gclib issues it runs good. Some companys prefer to mix Solaris and Linux. So frontend and layout is on Solaris and simulation is on Linux.
yes, there is a windows version for cadence IC5033. never heard about that. check this
n5000 have u ever thought the stablity of your operating system before begining with. As far i know in windows platform Win2000 and winnt is prefered for cad applications. binu g
As far as Iam aware Hspice is extra for the cadence, it only has the interface ready? I have the PC version with a license but I want to run it in LINUX. If anyone can help pm me a link, appreciate it. Hi If you want to run just the same program that you have for windows you can do: 1. Use (...)
if you want layout tool for windows, try mycad or ledit etc.
DOes anyone know if a windows version of cadence design kit exists.
you can find VCC(Virtual Component CoDesign)in cadence f*p site for windows and also sun.its other name is cierto,I dont remember the directory exactly but I think you should first check drac_user ,