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Have you tried XP mode?
How to drive an LCD through PC Parallel Port in windows XP using Visual Basic 6 I had tested it on C in windows7 but i think the OS was not allowing me to do that and downloaded the dll file inpout32.dll for doing it on VB 6. I am unable to add this file as reference or component to my project. I have also pasted this file in c:\windows\syste
Hello dear members, I wanna help from you explaying to me how can instal spice3f5 under windows7,i have the code ,i tried more one time but i could not realize it, Thanks at advance, ABADLIA
Please check below link. This might help you in resolving your problem.
Sir, ADS2011.10 was working nicely earlier, unknowingly when I changed the date. It is now showing license error, do we need to reinstall the windows7 operating system once again and later try for reinstall the same or there any modification do we need to do during installation. Delete the license server
Hi Folks, I have installed a program called "DynIP Client" Version 5.51 for Windows 7 which I downloaded from the website. I have tried several times to install it on my Windows 7 PC and the programs "Client control panel" will not open. The Dynip Client Icon is visible in the system tray on my windows7 Start Bar and shows tha
Please tell me about the free simulator of 8051 Microcontroller in assembly language which is compatible with Windows 7 (Home Basic).
Hello. I installed KiCad "KiCad_stable-2013.07.07-BZR4022_Win_full_version", but I had a serious problem, when I click on "Eeschema" to draw schematic, a window show that "Files not found", I click on "Close", but the workplace window is empty, and every thing goes wrong, when I add component it didn't appear, I want your help, please.
How can I use "Disk Part" to boot Win.7 on USB Flash Memory by using cmd (command window), please describe the steps to do this operation ??
I want to program a PIC microcontroller using JDM programer.I have WINPIC 800 software.But it doesn't works in there any alternative software for windows7 ?. Better look to get or make some decent programmer at least PICKit 2 Clone, its your interest if you plan to do something in electronics with PIC
Hi, I am currently working on a project in which I have to interface CCD camera ATIK314L+ with an embedded board. Camera ATIK314L+ is provided Cypress FX2 USB drivers support. I successfully completed interfacing of camera with windows7 based PC using the ArtemisSDK Visual studio application provided by ATIK. And, now I want to develop embe
Please I bought a new TOP2011 With TOPWIN7 but after installing the program on my 64bit windows7 it is telling me that there is an error installing the device driver. Can someone tell me what to do if possible give me the link to download TOP_013 driver because it is the driver that is given me error. You must ha
Hello, I'm trying to dump shm file by using ncverilog 5.4 on windows7 32bit OS, But ncverilog exit abnormally. * Except for dumping shm, ncverilog works well. * Install manual describes that IUS 5.4 supports Windows 2000 and XP. * ncverilog dumpes shm under Windows Vista. * I'd changed the compatibility of ncverilog.exe to windows V
can anybody tell where i can get signal processing toolbox supported by windows7??
Instructions step by step:
Hello everyone! I need the trial version of Orcad. My OS is windows7. I have to use PSpice. Can anyone send me a link?
If you are using Windows 7:
Do we have any issues working with EAGLE 5.11 on windows 7 os?
Hi all, I've just installed PADS 9.0.2 on a new machine running Windows 7. I'm running it in XP-compatibility mode, but it's still acting a little funny. On startup, it doesn't always show the "Welcome to PADS Layout" frame on the right, where you can load a previous project. Sometimes it does; sometimes it shows half (really) of that frame.
I'm devoloping some system, conntrolled by a DS89C450. I load the program in the serial way, using a PC with true serial rs232, without problem at a rate of 57600 with 11.0562 crystal. But for ISP, I need to work with my notebook Aser aspire 5552-3343, windows7, that hasn't any serial port. So I'm trying with many USB to serial cable adapters, but