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it is shown on notepad when you open this would be contained in the properties of file and actual view of hex file thro any firmware reading would not show it directly. I am able to open the files on winpic800 and see all the lines. please provide the specific file name. Also check whether you could see the hex file data on the notepad. the fi
Hi there, currently i have a GTP USB Lite prog. I'm using winpic800 v3.55 to prog my PIC in XP. Anyone has the usb driver and firmware(18f2550) for it to work in Vista? Thanks.
winpic800, GTP USB PIC Programmer, Schemati, PCB, HEX, Photos please, pcb in pdf format. thanks.
hi there, plz do upload the schematic, pcb track and firmware, as i'm looking for usb programmer for a long time. Plz specify the correct version on software(winpic800) to us as well. Thankx
winpic800 is freeware and you can download the latest version directly from
Anyone has the source code for the PIC18F2550 and winpic800. Can we add new devices and new programmers? Thank you.